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Many years ago there lived a girl named Sam. She lived in a beautiful city. When she was young she loved drawing, but as she grew up her interest shifted to space, rockets, planets etc. She would endlessly read about them.

As Sam grew up she was eager to become an astronaut!

After a few years, Sam was out of college and was on her way to become an astronaut. She read a lot about astronomy and life in space in her books. She realized that no one had landed on moon till that time. Now her aim was to go to the moon and hoist the Indian Flag.

She thought that she would be the first person to reach moon. So, she sat in her rocket and the COUNTDOWN began….5…4…3…2..1…and….SWAAASHSHSH!

Soon she was rushing through the space at a huge speed. People sitting in the earth could see her on a monitor which was getting signals from the satellite.
On the monitor they saw someone else trying to reach the moon too. It was Neil Armstrong!!!! He also wanted to hoist his country’s flag on the moon.

The moment Sam and Neil saw each other they knew there was competition around. And no one was ready to let go of their dreams. They pushed the accelerator of their rockets and WOOO HOOOOOOOO! A race to the moon had began.

They raced through the galaxies and bumped into the asteroids and meteorites. At times Neil drove faster; otherwise Sam overtook him. It was a thrilling journey which earthlings sat watching, the suspense making them nervous.

Finally both of them reached the moon.

Sam was just going to be the first person to land on moon! But Neil Armstrong being more experienced and elder to Sam, managed to make a more smooth landing. While she tried to quickly shut the engine and come out of the rocket, she pushed some wrong buttons in haste. Hence she couldn’t come out immediately till the rocket settled. In the mean while, Neil had already set his foot on the ground and became the first person to reach the moon. But Sam did not mind and went back happily as she had at least fulfilled her dream to be on moon.

Those watching from the earth still clapped and cheered. For them, SAM WAS THE REAL WINNER OF THE RACE!!!!!!!!!!


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