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Kavitha is a Civil Engineer who assists her Architect husband in managing their Architectural and Interior Designing Firm, she is an avid reader and a passionate writer who finds solace in writing poetry, fiction and non fiction, a published author, she is also a passionate environmentalist apart from being an occasional runner, writing and reading bring out the best in her, writing is like a stress buster to her which keeps her calm and sane.

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I was excited to run during my vacation. When my brother-in law dropped me off at the bike trail adjacent to their community, I was happy to see the deserted road all to myself and the beauty of nature spread out like a green carpet accompanied with some cool weather after the rain the previous night.

I started jogging slowly, gradually increasing my pace and simultaneously taking in the beautiful surroundings, stopping in between and clicking some pictures. Virginia had many such bike trails and it being the month of May, biking was a favourite pastime for many. I came across a few people cycling and a few walkers.

I was enjoying the run, noticing that my pace and running was better here compared to what it was back home. It seemed like the weather and being out amidst nature, running on the trail surrounded by trees and shrubs was having a positive effect on me.

I had almost covered half the trail humming along to the tunes on my phone, when a biker coming from the opposite direction slowed and said ‘wrong side’. Even before I could react, he had zoomed past me. I stopped and looked back wondering why he said that. I slowly started walking. It took me a few minutes to realise that I was running on the right side of the road as habituated to, back in India! Smiling about it I started jogging back home on the left side.

The joy of running at a new place, a good run, splendid weather and a helpful biker – all had an encouraging stimulus on me, which got me thinking that no matter which place you are, nature and people are always beautiful.



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