Romance Under Full Moon

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Piyush Wadhwani is graduate (Computers) from Altius Institute of Universal Studies, Indore. Currently involved in his family business, he has many hobbies. He is inspired by Abhinav Bindra and practices shooting as his favourite sport.

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It was a full moon night. We were sitting in our balcony watching the beautiful full moon yesterday night. Silent and slow cool wind, noise of leaves and trees.
“Isn’t the moon looking beautiful tonight ?” She asked me.
“Yeah, it is looking beautiful tonight because he is happy watching you.” I told her looking at her beautiful eyes.
“You never stop flirting,” she said with a sight smile.
“You’re mine; so do I need to ask you even in a relationship ?” I asked her with a wink.
“Just saying, you never fail to praise and compliment me alongside flirting with me so beautifully.” She said with a pleasant smile on her face.
“I hope to continue doing this every day of my life.” I told her while kissing her hand, my eyes unwilling to leave hers alone.
“I am the happiest and luckiest girl on planet. She said with a cheerful smile.
“Happy to hear that. Hope it improves even more, as much as possible.” I told her reassuringly.
I lifted her on my hands and took her to bed.
“You are so beautiful” I told her.
“It’s because you make me feel beautiful. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, which is you right now”. Her smiles were magnetic.
“You know, the moon is looking beautiful and shinning bright tonight because of your reflection.” I told her, sinking into her overpowering presence.
“God of flirt you are,” she said shyly.
“Even god can’t resist, so he created you. So forget about me.” I whispered in her ears.
She hugged me tightly in her arms.
“I’m in heaven right now, I don’t want to leave this beautiful heaven” I whispered again.
“Sure. As you wish darling.” She whispered back.
I looked at her beautiful face and kissed her forehead.
“You make me feel like dream girl, princess, queen.” she gushed.
“You are the best person that came into my life, apart from my parents.” I kissed her lips.
I touched her chest slowly. It felt beautiful, soft, warm. She was wearing a nightdress. She removed her hands so that I could hold her bosom. I held them softly and caressed them. She kept looking at me and kissed me on my lips and forehead. I touched her nipples. They became hard and erect with my touch.

“You know, I never thought that I’ll be getting a guy like you in my life after breakup and cheats. It took us time but slowly and gradually we understood each other and connected. Now, here we are…its a beautiful full moon night, enjoying our honeymoon.”
“Yeah, thankfully it happened. I’m so happy.” I said.
“But what made you fall for me ? What did you like and love in me so much that in billions of people you chose me?” She asked.
Without any reply I kissed her left nipple. She made way so I could reach deeper into her beautiful breasts.
“Can I taste them?” I asked her as I kissed her right nipple this time, while holding her left bossom softly. She nodded silently. I teased, licked her left nipple before taking it in my mouth and sucking it hard and deep while fondling with her right one. She moaned and played with my hair and kept looking at me.
“Thank you so much for coming in my life, loving me so much, making me happy, complete and everything that I could ask for.” she said.
“Instead it’s you who made me complete, happy, comfortable, away from loneliness unlike before, trusting me and allowing me to love you infinitely.” I said looking into her eyes and at her face while fondling her beautiful breasts. She smooched me hard and deep.
“I want you completely tonight, I want to surrender to your needs tonight. Dominate me totally.” She said.
“It should be 50-50 and equal.” I said.
“Not tonight. I want to be completely yours tonight.” she said.
“Love me then.” I whispered in her ears.
She pulled me and started kissing me passionately, romantically, softly… teasing me.
I could feel her breath, her soft lips, her wet tongue. She took my t-shirt off, kissing my neck, shoulders, chest and slowly went down and kissed everywhere.
Suddenly I pulled her down and came on top of her, locking my fingers between hers, kissing her neck, clavicle, breasts, went down to abdomen and waist. Went further down and kissed and licked her there.
She unzipped me and did the same with me.
“Love me as hard, deep and passionately as you can.” she whispered in my ears.
She screamed, cried, scratched as I entered her deep. Shesurrendered, moaned as I stroked her nicely, deeply and so did I as I was making love to her.

“I Love You,” I told her as I came inside her. She smooched me passionately and hugged me tightly. My head rested on her chest. I could feel the warmth, softness and fast heartbeats.


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