Roads Are Harsh Teachers

S.Kiruthika and S. Shanmugapriya

Sisters, S.Kiruthika and S. Shanmugapriya are daughters of the truck driver Mr. M.Selladurai and Mrs. S.Kamalavalli. They hail from Salem Tamil Nadu. Shanmugapriya was born in December 1998 and K0ruthika was born in August 2000. Both the sisters wants to study higher and do social service.

Our father has been working as a lorry driver for the last twenty-one years and has come across many difficulties. He never uses a cell phone while driving and drives very responsibly paying full attention and strictly abiding by the traffic rules.

In his entire service he had not caused any accident but, has seen many accidents in which others were injured. He has helped many victims. Roads are harsh teachers and drivers are their pitiable pupils. Miseries, sorrows, pain and tears stand on roads and become an inseparable part of a driver’s life who lives more on roads than at his home.

Four years ago, when he was driving to a northern state of India through Bangalore, he saw a loaded vehicle with Tamil Nadu registration number running at a high speed, unmindful of the traffic rules. To avoid colliding with a vehicle coming from the opposite direction, the driver applied sudden brake, and the vehicle was toppled. One of the drivers lost his life. The other driver was injured and fainted. He was from a village called Omalur, in Salem. My father helped him recover and sent him to Tamil Nadu in a vehicle.

Our father is a loving person who is always ready to help others. He is much dedicated to his family and works hard to keep all of us happy. He never complains of fatigue because he knows that he has to feed a big family which is entirely dependent on him. We are five siblings. I have three sisters and a brother. Father is bearing the expenses of our education. Driving a truck is not a well-paid job. For surviving on this job with five children, one has to forget the count of time while driving. And, driving is not just sitting on a chair and holding the wheel. It takes a toll on the whole body and tires the brain and the body equally. Our father returns with his back bent, eyes still and sleepy.

We make all efforts to make him comfortable and make sure that he can take as much rest as possible. We leave only those tasks for him which nobody else can do. We love him not because he is our lifeline but, out of gratitude. The more we see him toiling, more resolute we become to pay back for his sacrifices by making him proud one day.

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