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I am an EX-IT employee, who has decided to take a break from everything non-creative, hoping to get back into what I love doing.

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Night was gaining in fast; and I had three more hours to drive. To start early had always been my first intention; but then, there was something that had kept me from fulfilling it. It could have been my wife and my kids. They wanted to stay in the park for some more time; and as usual; my voice in such decision-making situations had little significance. But still there was something at the back of my mind strongly taking over my thoughts; trying to control it from within. I couldn’t define it; neither could I overcome it.

The road was too black; at times reflecting the car’s headlights. It came to my mind; all of a sudden; that my car was the only source of artificial light on the road. I felt uneasy. I looked at my wife. She was beside me; sleeping innocently; her face reflecting the “white” of the night; and my children, they were sleeping in the rear seat. Their beautiful reflections were very clear to me on the rear-view mirror. I laughed softly.

The night had become blacker; and I felt lonelier. My senses had become weary due to severe exhaustion; but my mind was still fresh. A fear; constant and consistent, was lingering deep inside my heart; a fear of something, that was inevitable.

Suddenly a faint noise reached my ears. It seemed to come from somewhere beyond the horizon. I tried to focus. The noise seemed to come from an ambulance; though nothing was in sight. However, the noise intensity had started to increase. Soon my eyes were met with bright lights at a distance. The rotating red lights of the ambulance confirmed my suspicion. I slowed down the car and stopped it at about thirty meters from the crash site; and I got out. There were three police cars next to the ambulance. I took a few steps forward, to get a closer view. About five meters from the parked vehicles, I could see another car, crushed beyond recognition. The car might have lost control, and crashed on to the electric post. As I took a couple a steps forward, another sight met my eyes. Three bodies covered in white; with patches of red were placed on the ground. A lady was sitting beside one of the smaller bodies, her head down and blood dripping from her long hair. She watched; as one by one; the bodies were placed into the ambulance.

I was observing everything from a distance, when someone touched me from behind. I turned around. My kids were standing in front of me. They were shivering. I took both of them in my hands and turned towards the crash site. Their bodies were unusually cold and stiff. I moved a bit closer; when suddenly, the lady turned around and faced us. A cold shiver ran down my spine. I looked at my kids and then turned back. My car was not where I had left it. I could feel my heart pounding rapidly. The fear inside me had now climaxed, and I couldn’t bear the pain in my head. My head started to reel and I felt as if my whole world had suddenly started to crumble before my very eyes. I held my kids closer to my chest and breathed in heavily. They were too young to accept the reality of the situation. My eyes were still fixed on her beautiful, moonlit face. I longed to hold her in my arms.

My kids had slept by now. The memories about my past, present and future had started to fade away. I looked at the road ahead. My mind and my body were preparing for a journey, a new destination.


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