Rebirth of Dreams

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Pratiksha Mishra is an young writer with a lots of different ideas. She is fond of writing short stories. After all, quality of content is more important than the quantity. She writes her observations of the world around her, through her stories.

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Maa, I did it.” She happily spoke from the window near the door.

Desha came out from the kitchen and asked “What happened Ishi?”

“I won 1st prize in inter school story writing competition and 1st in debate competition”.

Hearing this from the kitchen, Desha rushed towards her daughter and hugged her. In the evening when her father and her uncle came from work, they too praised her. When Ishi gave her mother the certificates, her mother remembered her own certificates. She kept Ishi’s certificates along with her certificates.

Late in the night when no one was around, Desha was flipping through her certificates and burst into tears. She thought of her life when she was 15. Desha was a brilliant science student and her speaking skills were so good that she always won in debate competitions. When she was in 10th, her father asked about her plans for 11th. What was she looking forward to pursue? She told him about her interest in journalism. Her father smiled looking at her; he was always very supportive towards his children’s dream.

That father-daughter duo was interrupted by Desha’s mother who forced her to take biology and become a doctor. Journalism had no value for her mother. She adapted to the dreams that she saw for herself in her mother’s eyes. She decided to become a doctor and her mother was very proud of her. She cleared her 12th with 1st division and decided to take a break before joining a medical college. But destiny was not with her. Her uncle forced her to do B. Sc. and admitted her in a college.

The mother’s dreams, which she accepted as her own, took a back-seat.

Desha was an extremely family loving person. She had faith on her family and God. Whatever will happen with her would be done by God and would be good. She agreed to shatter all her dreams for the sake of her uncle’s prestige. She cried for many nights but worked very hard to complete her M. Sc. Her hard work was at a different level. She used to get up at 4 am and sleep very late. The weight of the books were so heavy that her cousins used to ask whether they were for a year or for the whole of B.Sc.

Having completed her B.Sc. and M.Sc. and she joined a college as lecturer. Now she was at a stage where she fulfilled her uncle’s dream. But her own dreams were lost forever. She was now interested in doing B.J.M.C. and filled the form for it. But just before her exams, she was married off. Then she got engaged into household works. Her daughter was born. The long lost interest in pursuing a course of journalism flashed again, when her daughter returned with those medals. She wiped her tears and told herself, “Those who are drowning often seek help from a twig”!


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