What are your first thoughts when you get up in the morning? Happiness? Nah! Alacrity no! Definitely not for Sheena ...
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And she met God

These days going through loads of posts on Facebook, linkedin and other social sites, Babu has become a man of ...
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When I Came To Know Me

It was Mini’s marriage. Celebration time at home after a long time. Almost after ten years after my marriage, Mini, ...
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That Touch

It was a bitterly cold January night with the city covered in a shroud of fog. Shivering, in a ragged ...
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The Thief

It was 26th Dec 2004. Githamma had asked me to come early for work because her brother had come from ...
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Thank You Tsunami

In those days courtyards were very important to a house. The size and number of courtyards reflected the social status ...
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The Bicycle Thief

‘If Bengali cuisine were Wimbledon, the hilsa would always play on Centre Court.’ -- Samanth Subramanian, Following Fish: Travels Around ...
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Act I Scene I Student A (who has been bald since anyone remembers): Sirrr Sirrr, what is Freedom of Speech ...
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Fools Rush In

The entire hospital was agog with the news. The nurse who had been present at the delivery told the other ...
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The Baby