Proud of my father

Shaista Khatoon

Born on the 15th of January 2000 in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, Shaista Khatoon, is the daughter of truck driver, Mr. Md Jakir Ansari and Mrs. Sulelha B. She is studying for her Bachelor’s degree (Hons) at RS More College Govindpur and wants to be an engineer after the completion of her course.

My father, Md. Jakir Ansari a very hard working person and he is a driver Even as I am proud of my father, I feel very deeply for him, for he has seen a lot of pain in his life. Drivers are never safe and accidents can happen anytime.

My father has been driving for the past 25 years and in those 25 years, he has faced many incidents. However, be it happiness or sadness, he has never made us feel the deficit of anything. Whenever he meets with an accident or he is injured, he does not visit a doctor, but he takes a drug from a pharmacist. He wants to save his money for us and get us copies, books and pen. Not that he ever relates his sorrows to us!

Once my father was a victim of a road accident. A vehicle suddenly collided with his vehicle and struck a tree. As he was thrown off his vehicle, another vehicle from the opposite side ran over his legs, and he could not get up. Luckily for him, someone got him to a hospital. Our number was there in my father’s phone and that person informed us. All of us siblings and my mother reached there. When I saw him, I could not control my tears. I was really very scared for him. My younger sister was sobbing too. But the doctor assured us that he will be okay soon. It took him about a month to be okay and due to this our financial situation deteriorated.

Many times my father drives late at night, and is unable to sleep because of that. Our family also gets very worried when we don’t see him. We always keep waiting for him to come back home. It is especially difficult when my father promises to reach home at a particular time and he doesn’t. We think about playing with him, but our wishes are seldom fulfilled. Moreover, due to putting in late nights, his health suffers.

There was a time when there was an accident and my father was arrested even though it wasn’t his fault. That time around, the financial situation of our family really deteriorated, and we had to face a lot of trouble. Somehow we were able to prove him innocent and bring him back home.

My father has always stressed on our education for he feels that an educated person gets a priority everywhere. He could not study due to poverty, and so he has had to work very hard to make us study. From our father’s experiences we have learned that we should work hard and face any difficulty with grit and determination. He has also taught us to never accept defeat. I am proud of my father.

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