Prepare and Prevent

S. Jeevitha

Born in July 1999, S. Jeevitha hails from Nammakal, Tamil Nadu. Born to the truck driver Mr. P. Subramani and Mrs. S. Selvarani, Jeevitha is doing graduation with Science. She wants to be a teacher.

Truck drivers play an important role in the progress of nation and are almost indispensable. However, a few misconceptions about them deny them of the respect. People think that they are cruel, quarrelsome, lawless and indulge in the hobby of causing accidents! It is not a child’s play to drive a loaded truck through congested roads. Truck drivers are the most defensive and attentive behind the wheel. Despite being misunderstood by many, truck drivers carry on with their job of helping the nation by moving goods and essential commodities. Without big trucks, the economy would stop. They are worthy of mention on anyone’s list after farmers and soldiers.

I am proud that my father is one among such truck drivers. He respects traffic rules. All the vehicles driven by him hitherto are in good condition. He knows how to drive depending on road conditions. He is one of the truck drivers who have driven through millions of accident-free miles.

Heavy vehicles should be driven only on good roads. My father does a thorough homework about the road conditions and decides the route before he starts for a journey. Driving on roads with pot holes would not only damage the vehicle but is also risky. Though, road conditions may change due to inclement weather or traffic congestion but, a small homework always prove helpful.

He drives at a safe speed and with caution, even if the roads are empty. He always keeps his line and accelerates or pulls the brakes gently every time. He always tries to allow every vehicle behind them to pass in spite of having bad rear view. He maintains a safe parallel distance. Using mobile phones is dangerous while driving. This would distract the attention of the driver. My father does not use mobile phones while driving. In case he gets a call while he is driving, he would stop the vehicle and then, attend to the call. It’s a hard job but my father shows his true dedication to what he is doing. My father would follow traffic rules and road safety rules religiously. He would also educate us to follow by road safety rules.

Father has always been a great teacher for me. I wholeheartedly follow his motto for life. He believes that one should always prepare and prevent; rather than repair and repent. His love, care and guidance are precious assets for us.

Trucks and truck drivers stand out in traffic, resulting in unfair, exaggerated and one-sided criticism. While a minority of truckers is unsafe and discourteous, the whole class of truck drivers bears the brunt. They too, are people with a lovable heart.

I thank all big truck drivers. May God always bless them and their families!

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