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An accountant's journey of 40 years gathering non- financial insights about people , their relationships & their environment . Learning from the experiences of the many who have travelled before and trying to create enjoyable readings from words , ideas and self-realizations .

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For Dipan every moment, every encounter had an element of thrill. The living emotion full of insights, deserving a relook, a revisit. The brief glimpses were the best as they could be seen by many in so many different ways.

Like profiling a fellow rail-traveller. Much overweight, making the helper pull his bag, a conductor to swap his seat – claiming to have gone through a recent by-pass, a neighbour to share his drink and also looking for some small change to “tip” the helper which was always postponed till the return visit. His hand held out, always to “take” and maybe only sparingly to “give”. Isn’t this all about evolution requiring equal unwinding eras to remove this genetic “survival” syndrome? So where does empathy come from? And will it be all very caring when survival fear dies down?

Like unravelling the face of a smiling child, sleeping peacefully in every situation. In some children, the “learning and growth” is frozen. A hindrance for all those who have moved ahead. Isn’t this the final equilibrium that humans seek? The eternal “ananda”? So why pick up fallen leaves in the garden? Why not tinker only with words, paintbrushes, strings of instruments and leave all else to the natural ways? Why be Man when you can be God?

Like freezing a beautiful face and those… those searching eyes. Isn’t it enough to have those hesitant, half-smiling, observing but unsure eyes a constant companion? A forever fuel? In the eyes stored in a corner which flashes every time there is a trigger – a relationship going sour, a greed upsetting priorities, a body decaying. Is it like keeping that picture in a purse, moulding a marble with those eyes or seeing them donated in another?

Like spending nights looking up through powerful scopes and feel the ageing Universe. So why do we look up and not around and within? Do we pray asking our atom to influence her neighbour, who has gone rogue and multiplies carelessly? Do we make our War Generals take survival courses in places where children go hungry?

Like watching a musical program where all the 17 performers were blind. Do we look for one purpose, one passion to be an authentic person? Do we need the body and can we live only in mind, in equations, and then will the chisels never strike the marble?

For Dipan, the purpose of life was asking questions and searching, finding, living the answers…


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