Koral’s second book titled “Fall Winter Collections” is the journey of a Rajput sculptor, as he works on an ambitious project with six mysterious women. The book explores the mind of an artist, the origin of his creative genius, the prejudices he faces and the limitations he struggles to overcome!
And the role of women in inspiring art.
A mother who couldn’t forgive the son’s disobedience; an obsessive lover who desired to possess the man of her heart; a colleague who became the muse; a grandmother who broke her own rules slaved by a superstitious affection and guarded some interests even when she was no more; and some other such relationships which may not have been inherited or deliberately chosen, but they leave an impression nevertheless!
This, set amidst the bounteous nature of Tagore’s Santiniketan, is the fiction titled Fall Winter Collections.

Publisher : Niyogi Books

Price : Rs. 395/-

Link : http://www.amazon.in/Fall-Winter-Collections-Koral-Dasgupta/dp/9383098848

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