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I am a marketing professional. Reading and writing are my greatest passions and I wish to express my thoughts and ideas through my stories to the readers on this portal. So happy reading to everyone!

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Sometimes there’s loneliness,
Sometimes there’s confusion,
Sometimes there’s indifference,
Sometimes vacuum,

At times there is enthusiasm,
There is determination and will,
To conquer the world,
Shape the pot of life on destiny’s wheel,
Chase dreams,

But mostly,
The energy dies,
The motivation withers,
The leaves of zeal fall,
The passion shivers,

I look at the pendulum painfully,
Just like my life, it moves to and fro,
From days of love to days of strife,
From sunshine days to stormy nights,

I concentrate on the pendulum of my thoughts,
It’s so frantic and fast,
I cannot cease it, as it moves,
From my mind, body and soul,
From plateau to peaks,
From despair to dreams,

I finally stop this pendulum,
To question it,
Money matters or money matters,
Stressed struggle or struggle to stress,
Feel good or feeling really good,
Hide to confide or hide in confide,

I get no answer, no logic,
The pendulum starts moving again,
To and fro, to and fro,
As I move through life,
With ups and lows, ups and lows,

Just then, when it picks up speed,
Like a train leaving a station paying no heed,
I want to hold this pendulum by its neck,
Slit its throat; drop it dead,
Poison it with the deadliest venom,
Stab its guts out in a pool of blood,

And shout, “Standstill, O’ Pendulum,
Don’t move, don’t haunt me,
Sshhhh! Stay silent, dead, lifeless,
Will you?”


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