Penance Of Trilu

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Poonam Walia is a Psychologist and practicing counselling and guidance. She is also a Special Educator ,and passionate about her profession. She has been working with children with special needs from last 10 years. A good book and an aroma of its pages is irresistible sight for her, her appetite for reading is unsatiable. Apart from being an avid reader she is a traveler, and likes to explore new destinations to soak in the divine beauty of miraculous nature.

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Legend has it that for not quenching the thirst of the thirsty, it got cursed to coo from dawn to dusk!

Trilu is what locals call it and difficult it is to spot this shy, tiny bird.
Hearing the ceaseless cooing of Trilu sets me thinking of the atonement I must go through, for the sins I have gathered from my being.
Will all the nefarious indulgences of mine, culminate into something like Trilu’s suffering? Will the perching from tree to tree, branch to branch, wistfully cooing of my melancholia, be my reparation?
Well, I smiled wickedly and thought ‘not bad’!
I am hoping for the Almighty’s graciousness and magnanimity in all its glory to be clement and culminate my vices, into a fate like that of Trilu, if so it be.

Well with this thought I suddenly sensed a kind of affiliation. Now Trilu’s cooing does not disturb me anymore. I, silently in my mind, tell Trilu not to worry buddy, I’ll soon be a part of the syndicate of you and alike.
In the evening I asked my hubby dear to order online, a pair of binoculars for bird watching. He wasn’t surprised and no questions were asked. He passed it as another pick of a new interest of mine in a new posting.
I did not have any intentions to be a birder; it was solely to have a better look of a Trilu, to get an idea of my looks in my reincarnation. It’s important to know where do you stand in the clan of alike. Looking at hubby dear sleeping with his snoring orchestra on, I just smiled and thought, the first job in my Trilu avatar will surely be to wake him off his snoring dead sleep, with my shrilly cacophony.

You see, the wicked mind has its ploys ready for the next birth.


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