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Uday Shekatkar is presently working in Egypt as Safety Head for Transmission Line Project Suez Gulf to Samalaut for Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited. He started up career in 1979 with Indian Air Force as an Airman and retired in 1994 as Corporal. This was the time when he started composing poems in Marathi, Hindi and Urdu. The love for nature and feelings of heart reflects in his poems along with expressions of love. Placements in Chennai, Delhi, Punjab, Bengal and Kashmir and visits to many other places in Indian Territory gave him rich experience to write. His mother was the first reader of his poems and inspired him to write more. His wife, Snehal and son, son Samarjeet keep adding new dimensions to his life, widening his thought process. Uday has published two science fictions and one collection of Poetry on Amazon Kindle in November 2015.

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Shri was senior scientist working on a space research project. The time dimension and theory of relativity as well curved space nothing could help him to solve the challenge of sending a person in space which required about a hundred years journey.

At that moment Shri was at Golden Beach, Chennai, seating with Rashmi. He was shocked when Rashmi said all of sudden, “Now just close that chapter of time and travel equation and enjoy the breeze and surf sea waves”. He was startled as this girl, selected for him by his parents and traditionally engaged with him a week before, knew what research he is working on.

He asked spontaneously, “What do you know of physics and time travel?”
Rashmi smiled. Her curly hairs waving in the wind; her beautiful face with shiny teeth sparkling as she smiled, looked very attractive. Shri thought she could be film actress. And then he changed his mind. No, she was like a Goddess! Rashmi told him in smooth murmur she is Master of Arts in Sanskrit literature; she knew nothing about science. She just thought and commented casually.

”How it could it be that you pin point the exact thing in my mind?” Shri asked. Her reply was difficult for him to digest.
“This happens sometimes, as an accidental coincidence between time, travel and space!”

Now Shri was more curious and he put a direct question that had a lot to do with his research topic. “Do you think travel in time possible?

Rashmi again gave him a lotus smile. “Well, I hadn’t been a student of Physics, but I have read some science fictions. I feel, even if not physically or literally, time travel is always possible at a subconscious level, when the conscious mind is overpowered by it.”
This was something new and interesting. Shri just nodded to hear further and she continued.

Her theories were simple. And they came from such depth of her faith that one couldn’t reject it.

There are two ways to make things believable. One is by proving it with facts and data serving logic to the eyes; the other is to instil faith where the mind is prepared to tread the unconventional.
Rashmi spoke about a number of saints like Kabir, Tukaram, Tulsidas, Eknath and Dyaneshwar, and explained how they described Lord Krishna. All of them lived in different centuries. They just wrote about the Lord as if they had seen him. And then she went on to explain the similarities in the thoughts of these philosophers. “Each of them had a distinct voice; none among them was a mere copy of the other; neither was any of them just voicing out a fanciful imagination. And yet it feels, there must have been Lord Krishna some ages ago! Those views and voices were available somewhere in universe. The subconscious mind had just recorded those in a mysterious part of their brains. When they were converted into verses, they became bigger than the reality. The reality that exists, gets shared and talked about even today. No witness ever interferes with or questions the situation there. No one challenges those or calls them simple illusions from history. But these great people had travelled back in time, not with body but just his mind and soul.”

Shri had a frown on his face as whatever he had just heard was creating the base of strange possibilities in his research-brain, when Rashmi spoke again.
“Who knows whether Krishna really existed or no? But the faith of these philosophers were so strong that they must have travelled back in time in their subconscious and met someone like Krishna, to come back with distinct learnings from Him.”

At his stage, there was no way he could accept what Rashmi suggested. But at the same time, something in him couldn’t “rubbish” it altogether. He put forward yet other doubt. “What about visiting the future?

“No!” Said Rashmi. “There aren’t any impressions available about travelling to the future but there could be some other way as basing on that, some people predict the accurate future.”

The sea waves felt enigmatic to Shri. And he smiled. There was enough fodder for him to think about now. He brushed them aside and looked at his left. Those thoughts of time and travel equation slowly washed away. Right now only the one thing he knew about time was that, Rashmi is going to be great spouse in future. A huge wave from the sea crossed its expected boundaries; all of a sudden they both were full wet in salty waters. Shri held her hand to supportt her. They got up from the silvery sand and moved away to a place that felt safer. They looked at each other in the eyes and laughed with joy. In Rashmi’s eyes Shri found hope. In the near future, he wanted to find a way either to travel through or to send a person in space for returning alive after few hundred years.
Rashmi heard. She didn’t laugh! Her biggest gift to her partner was her faith.


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