Parents are My Gods

A. Pavina

Pavina is the daughter of truck driver Mr. C. Annnadurai and Mrs. A Amuthavalli. Born in June 1996, she hails from Nammakal, Tamil Nadu. Presently, Pavina is pursuing a degree course in education. She wants to be a teacher.

My father worked as an assistant for three years before he started driving heavy trucks. Just an eighteen year old, he used to take goods to Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, Kolkata, etc.

One year after he started working, there was this incident which pushed our family in deep grief. There were not any modern communication facilities like telephones, TV and other media at that time.

On the way to Mumbai, at a place called Kattilaykkadu, there used to be a narrow road, through which only one heavy truck could pass at a time. While plying there, another big truck hit my father’s vehicle from behind. Father’s truck fell into a valley six hundred feet deep. However, father jumped off the truck just in time and escaped. He bore lots of bruises and some serious internal injuries. Initially, the chances of his survival looked bleak. We learnt about this accident after ten days. Father had to undergo special treatment in a hospital. He took six months to recover and could resume work only after that.

Father got married at twenty-one. After one year of marriage, I was born. Every time he narrates the incident, I get jitters.

He drove heavy vehicles again for five years and went to distant places. He would talk to us over telephone once a week and would come home once in six months. He never shared any of his difficulties with us because he did not want his family to suffer. But, we were aware of the problems he faced and understood his difficulties. When he was driving through Karnataka, he was caught in heavy rains which continued for a week. My father was not able to eat and sleep. He suffered thoroughly.

As usual, he did not tell us anything when he returned home.  We came to know of his suffering from one of the many drivers who live in our neighbourhood. We would come to know of his whereabouts and wellbeing only when we talk to him over phone, once a week. Otherwise, we shall be praying to God.

We are six in the family and my father is the only one who earns. It is because of his hard work that now, our family is in good stature. I have been brought up to a good position in the society by my father. He has worked hard to educate me to this extent so that we can be independent and lead a respectable life. He has never denied us of our requirements. My father and my mother are my Gods. I love them and will prove a worthy daughter.

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