Oxygen For A Family

Meenakshi and Radhika

Sisters, Meenakshi and Radhika are daughters of the truck driver, Mr. Narendra Kumar and Mrs. Poonam Devi. They hail from Jhajjar, Haryana. Radhika was born in May 1999 and is in the second year of college. She is also preparing for NEET. Born in August 2000, Meenaksi is in first year of graduation. Both the sisters go into Indian Police Services.

Our father is a truck driver. Driving a truck on highways is no different than walking on a thin rope. You can always expect the unexpected. Our father too, has to face many difficulties while driving. Many times, he doesn’t come home on time. As soon as the clock crosses the mark, we get restless. Until the normal time of father’s return, worries remain under our control but after that, panic sets in.  We start thinking of adverse situations. At times, his phone isn’t reachable and this aggravates our troubles.

Once, he was driving to a distant destination. His truck broke down at a desolated location. There was no mechanic nearby. He was stranded there for many days. While he was facing this ordeal, we too were worried at home. He could return only after his getting the truck repaired.

Once, he was driving from Rohtak to Delhi. The main highway was being repaired and the vehicles had to pass through a temporary road on the side.  A van, reckless of danger, was coming from the opposite side.  Father managed to evade a collision with it but, unfortunately, it banged against a car running ahead of father’s truck. The van was completely damaged.  Father halted and jumped out. With the help of other people, he took out the driver from the van with great difficulty and sent him to the hospital. It was a very shocking accident. When an accident takes place, it affects every single person who witnesses it and a sensitive person may take days to overcome.

When he drives in night, he has to face lots of troubles. There is always a fear of dacoits and robbers.  One night, an SUV overtook him twice. Having good understanding of the ways of highway robbers, he decided to stop at a safe place. So, he parked the truck at a hotel.  In an hour, many trucks came up. All the vehicles left that place together.  Moving ahead, father saw a truck driver was crying on the road. When inquired, he told that some goons had intercepted his truck and forced him to stop. They beat him mercilessly and fled away after snatching his money and other valuables. If father had not stopped the vehicle at a hotel, the same would have happened to him.

A father to a family is like oxygen for a human being. We are not very well off but we do not think of any need as strong as the need for father’s presence at home. When you understand the troubles he faces, you can’t complain. But, we do long for his presence at home. We yearn to chat with him for long and to go for a leisurely stroll with him discussing everything.

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