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While still in college studying B.Com Part 1 at Sagar Coaching Insititute in Bihar, Shruti Raj dreams to be a P.O. in a Banking Sector soon. Truck driver father, Lal Babu Prasad Gupta and mother, Bindu Devi believe in their 18 year old daughter’s dream, and thinks she will find her calling soon.

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You know how roads lead us to a journey and a journey into realization of a higher truth. Well, sometimes an overturn on one such roads can lead to death. It’s easy to keep giving lectures, about the do’s and the don’ts of our own decisions. It can be either for the good or the worst. The world is so vast and we connect with things so easily in this era of technology, disconnecting with our consciousness that often the consequences of our decision blurs out everything into darkness.

One summer evening I experienced life in death through a very tragic accident on Mahatma Gandhi Road. It was 5pm and I was returning home by the city bus. Like every day the road was crowded with people and vehicles, with a great rush of trucks, cars, buses and scooters to reach their destinations. Soon a motorbike with two youngsters overtook our bus at very high speed. This habit too is very common. Some of you reading this might have also done this in some point of your travels because we are as always in a hurry. All the passengers in the vehicles and pedestrians were watching them speeding by, because the adreline rush of speeding is something stylish. I saw them approaching the next bend, trying to take a short cut across and in doing so, they collided with a bus coming from the other direction. There was a big crash and a loud noise, loud enough to put everyone in shock. At the same time a fast running truck, losing control, came and hit the bus from behind.

The traffic came to a stand-still. People rushed to rescue the passengers of the bus which had over-turned. One of the motorcyclists was lying unconscious on the road, the other youngster who was riding the motorbike was run over by the bus. He was dead. There was a pool of blood and loud cries everywhere. The smashed motorbike lay by the side of the dead man.  The passenger of the overturned bus too sustained serious injuries. I could not bear the sight of it all.

The injured people were rushed to the hospital nearby. One of the passengers seated in the front seat of the bus which I was travelling also died because of the sudden accident. Everyone else on the road proceeded on their journey. In a few hours everything was back to normal, as if nothing had happened. But to this day I can’t forget that horrible sight which resulted because of that over-speeding and carelessness by a young motorcyclist. It lead to so many deaths, leaving a deep scar for the families of those who met the same fate like him. I could have also died that day but I lived. I am not sure for how long I would. I may not be driving or might be following all road rules but one reckless driver could kill me on the street, or anyone of you and no one can do anything about it, unless some strict actions are taken against the individuals breaking rules of road safety.


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