Our Silence Said Something…

About Aryan Lohia

Aryan Lohia is a resident of Siliguri. He studies at Don Bosco school, Siliguri. He is an aspiring poet and believes that words are the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world.

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The day that I met her, the world swirled around me,
I dragged myself out of there my heart trying to set itself free.
Words struggled to come out but I suppressed them in,
By any means in this life, her heart I wanted to win.
Her innocent smile had already won a large part of my heart,
Her exciting looks struck my mind like a poisonous dart.
She smiled at me once and my heart too smiled back,
Just confidence was the feeling which my mind did lack.
I decided to approach her finally on one fine day,
But I myself was not sure of the feelings I wished to convey.
My lips moved to speak but my heart muted every word,
I rushed back to my house; the feeling was quite absurd…
She texted me soon regarding what I wanted to speak,
I tried my best to ignore the text for yet another week.
My hopes diminished as I replied it was nothing important as such,
But my heart once again leaped with joy when she said to keep in touch.
Often I kept gazing at her blankly from quite far away,
Planning and practicing every word that I wished to say.
I decided to try all of it once more but all went in vain,
I don’t know why whenever I saw her my heart went insane.
I had thought of letting it go when suddenly a text came,
Seeing the text was hers, I felt trapped in an incessant game.
The text she sent was, “What’s up?” and I kept thinking of a reply.
Even today I laugh, recalling those days when I felt so shy.
I replied saying nothing and kept my cell phone down,
What I discovered next was her replying with a frown.
So I asked her the reason why she had texted me,
She asked me to meet her once whenever I was free.
So I got ready in a jiffy and rushed to her place at once,
I found this moment to be my one and only chance.
Before I could even utter a word, she began to speak,
All my senses were stunned as she pulled at my cheek.
Finally she confessed that there was something she longed to say,
And that she had sought other methods but failed to her heart’s dismay.
I promised her that whatever she would speak, I would take it to be true,
After a long pause, her words came out; the words were “I Love You”…


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