Orange or Green?

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Neelam Fernando, a Senior Management professional with over 11 years of experience with Fortune 500’s like Accenture & Unilever ventures chose to decamp as the Head of Service Delivery to follow her passion. She is a full-time storyteller accredited by Kathalaya, the only globally recognised academy for storytelling which is affiliated with International Institute of Storytelling Tennessee, USA. Neelam works with differently abled children, toddlers, kids, teenagers, teachers & corporates, uses storytelling as an effective tool for learning, communication and channelling their inner energy and creativity in a systematic way.

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The days were short and the nights were long

These were winters, with the winds too strong

Two little boys who played on that shore

One measured pure and the other impure

Judgement lay within the frame of mind

Orange or Green, I’d say they were blind!

Hunger struck but friends stayed tuck

Green fed Orange and nourished his soul

When Orange bought food, Green’s tears happened to roll

The stomachs were full and hearts content

Their friendship knew no color or what it really meant

The friends stayed thick

And many winds such passed

Now who decides for them

Which tasted better Niyaz or Prasad?


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