Only One of the Blood – Part 6

Someone touched me on my shoulder and I looked backward afraid, throwing myself away from that hand as I fell down.
“Dada, dada calm down,” It was Munna, “What, what happened?
I pointed at the window. Munna looked inside and then immediately ran to the front door and started banging it. I stood and looked inside, that sudden banging created haste among them as they both looked at one another in an incoherent way.
“MUNNA!” I screamed with all my might, nearly I faded out but I gathered the strength and screamed again. Munna came running down to me and looked inside then looked back at me then started looking around for something. I looked inside again. The pandit heated the knife while Damini put some oil on the circle made on Golu’s neck.
“Dada, Move!”

I moved backward as Munna threw a big rock at the window which he held from both his hand and it nearly took half of the window. Till now half of the neighborhood was outside of their doors, looking at us like baffled sons of new generation. Moti still barked while he ran here and there around us, afraid, clenching his tail between his legs. Munna jumped inside from the half broken window and I followed – the sharp glass smeared through my old skin like butter and bread – only to find myself standing at the point of a gun. The Pandit held the gun with his both hands. He stood straight while sweat dripped from his forehead. He wiped it with his hand and pointed the gun at us again, ordering us to sit down. We did as he asked, hand on our back we sat on our knee looking downward. He wiped his sweat again while he moved front and back pointing the gun at us. I looked up, his eyes met mine, and my body shivered when I found out the color of his eyes –blue!

Moti jumped inside and ran towards him, baffled he pointed his gun towards Moti. Munna leaped and picked the glass flask placed on the table on the right side of him. A shot went off, Munna threw the flask at Pandit which struck at his head and broke. The Pandit fainted on the floor immediately. Damini jumped into the fire, screaming “NO! NO! NO!” I ran and pushed her aside but her sari had caught the fire. She screamed “NO! NO!” I found some clothes lying there, probably of Golu, so I rushed and grappled her. She was withering, fighting, and kicking. I held her by the leg, trying to save her.

“Don’t take it! I had lost too much,” she screamed while I rubbed my hand against her feet while managing to drape a cloth around the burning area.
“NO! Don’t do this YOU FOOL! Let live or let die.” She wallowed, “You FOOL! NO! NO! NO! Don’t TAKE it!” She screamed and screamed and screamed till she fainted.

I left her and sensed an immense pain in my left hand. It was burnt, not badly, but enough to need a doctor’s visit. The thumb of my right hand was also burnt; in spite of this I was in perfect condition. I looked around the room and looked at the broken pieces of the flask on the floor. Near that the pundit lay unconscious, his head was bleeding. Munna was caressing Moti’s back while Moti lay on the floor, motionless, staring at me but not seeing me. The bullet had gone through his heart.


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