Only One of the Blood – Part 3

Few days had passed since the arrival of that black swift with number 4728 for the first time. After that day, this car arrived daily at the same time, just after Mr. Mishra left for the work. Meanwhile, in between various kinds of theories and rumors were born and fizzled out but nothing concrete was proven till now. One thing that changed in these few days was the demeanor of Golu, who had grown more sulky and silent. He rarely came out of the home and when he did, he sat on a bench and stared at anything through the vacuum of his eyes. Sometimes I have seen Mr. Shukla talking to him but he never replied to him. He was struggling and the reason for his struggle was her mother.

Those days were lonesome. You could hear the crackling of fire all night as the silence dwelled in the fog of darkness every night. Sometimes that silence comforts you but most of the times it was dreadful. Knowing a shriek from you can pierce the silence like a razor, scared me. Sometimes Moti barked while looking at the moon, he was attracted to it, there’s a glow in his eyes when he used to see a full moon. That glow reminded me of my moon who died many years ago. She was beautiful but maybe Moti’s moon was more beautiful. There were many things to see at night like the men returning from office with their warm hearts and warm pockets, there were many things to feel at night like the peace hiding all the terror of dark. There were many things to listen to at night like the songs of birds, the drop of mist and the whispers of people. That time was good and bad but it was worth to live in that. New Year was upon us as the scent of December was solely fading away. Everybody was excited except Moti because he was unable to know the purpose of people being happy for a thing that is evident to arrive like life and death.

“Shukla Ji, So What`s the plan for New Year?” I said.
“Nothing Chacha, same like every year, small party with friends.”
“I wondered what Mishra Ji will do this New Year.”
“Maybe a little of wine would do him good.”

“Since that accident Mishra family have completely changed.
Ha, Chacha. Such a terrible fate has fallen on them.
“What do you think about that car?”
“There nothing to think, when human is surrounded by darkness then they try to find some small lights of indulgence, sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad but they surely lift the curtain of darkness a little so that they can breathe.”
“But shouldn’t we do something?”
“We should but we won’t.”

As Mr. Shukla finished, we saw Mrs. D’Souza approaching towards us with tea like a priest is obliged to open the gates of the temple. Every day Mrs. D’Souza brought tea for me in the morning. It was her generosity that she thought so much for a watchman. This place always provided me sufficient love that my duty never felt like duty; moreover, it felt like a responsibility to guide these good-natured people.
“How are you Mrs. D’Souza?” asked Mr.Shukla.
“Good and you?” she handed over the tea.
“Forever young.”
“Shukla Ji, I hope your ears are also young. Have you heard the voice last night coming from Mr. Mshra’s house?”
“No.” said Mr. Shukla. I also Shrugged and looked at Moti.
“I think it was Golu who cried last night. I don’t know why but he was crying.”
“Maybe, I think Moti heard him because he ran to Mishra Ji’s house and barked and then ran back to me and looked at Mishra Ji’s house.”
“Oh yes, yes. That time when Moti barked. Did you hear that, Gyan?
“I think there’s something happening there, something that’s vicious and we should do something.”
“We all know what’s happening there and that would’ve made Golu cry but I think there`s nothing we can do.” Said Mr. Shukla
“Good Morning.” said Munna. He still worked at morning hours.


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