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Piyush Wadhwani is graduate (Computers) from Altius Institute of Universal Studies, Indore. Currently involved in his family business, he has many hobbies. He is inspired by Abhinav Bindra and practices shooting as his favourite sport.

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It all started on social media randomly with a “Hi” and a follow-back; getting to know each other slowly. She was very beautiful in her profile picture with a beautiful face and lovely eyes. For me it was like love at first sight. But unfortunately it didn’t go as I thought and wanted. It remained at the basics for days and there were no conversations. I left social media for about a year. I came back again, sent her messages and started with basics again but this time she was replying, unlike before.
“You look so beautiful” I told her.
“Thank you” she said.
We chatted to know each other and then came the twist. Well, expect the unexpected.

“I have a boyfriend and I’m in a committed relationship,” she said.

I felt bad and heartbroken but didn’t want her to know. So I wished her good luck. Few days passed by and again the conversations weren’t regular. Days later, one day while chatting she told me that she was no more in the relationship as he had left her. I felt sad and bad because she was dealing with the emotional pain. She didn’t deserve a guy who didn’t know what he just lost. I tried to make her feel better, beautiful, comfortable. It took some time but she was slowly healing and it made me happy to make her feel good. One day I shared my pictures with her and she liked them.
“You look so handsome” she said.
“Really? Am I good looking?” I asked.
“Yes, you are,” she replied. My heartbeat went faster.
“You are no less” I said.
“Thank you so much” she added a smiling emoticon.

Slowly days passed by and we chatted with each other about our families, work, and more.
I thought I should confess my feelings for her. I wanted to tell her how I felt when I saw her for the very first time. I wanted to express how my fondness has grown as I got to know her slowly.
“I like you. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you.” I told her.
“I’m not ready for any relationship yet. It hurts. You shouldn’t waste time on me and find someone who will love you as much as you do.” She typed back.
“Either you or no one else” I was stubborn.
“Why me only, who is all broken already? There are so many women in this world and I am sure you will find someone better than me.” She said.
“Unfortunately, there ain’t anyone better then you. It’s simply impossible.” I was unwilling to accept her defense.
It went on for few days. I didn’t quit. I just wanted to be hers. I wanted to explore her, love her, caress her, make her feel beautiful, so she is happy and smiles from heart, mind and soul.
“You’re the most beautiful thing god has ever made and your parents have produced under a production house.” I told her once.
Ha ha, thank you so much for compliments. You’re funny.” She replied.
“I’ll marry you in near future.” I said.
“Why only me, what’s so special about me that you can’t get away from me?”
“I don’t know. You’ve the spark and magic that I never felt. Makes me feel happy, beautiful, calm, peaceful, loved.” I said.
“You’re such a hopeless romantic.” She said with a smiling and kiss emoticon.
“All credits to your beautiful soul.” I replied with a smiling emoji.

She went speechless and sent out a kiss emoji, again.


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