Onion for Rescue

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Ritika jain hails from Rajasthan, She is pursuing her journalism studies from Mumbai. She loves to meet new people, explore new places and also loves dancing.
For #TellMeYourStory, Ritika is dedicated to collect stories from senior citizens, especially from those at old age homes, who aren't tech savvy but have marvelous stories to say, reflecting upon culture, values, ideologies and a generation.

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It was Sunday morning when my mother shouted at me for keeping the room dirty. I was instructed to clean my room at the earliest. I was on the job, cleaning all the mess under my bed. That’s when my younger brother came up to get some of his toys. I got very annoyed because I was cleaning up everything and he was there again to mess up things.

I went downstairs after I was done. I had my lunch and wanted to rush out to play but my mother again shouted at me and said that I need to study first. I was really upset, but I walked back. I went up to my room, sat near the window for an hour and then went down. I lied to my mother that I completed my studies. I wanted to go out and play. But she again stopped me and gave me some house-hold things to do. Feeling sad and hopeless, I stayed back this time too. I completed the work and just left the house this time, without informing her. I didn’t want to be stopped with another set of work as the playground was calling me.

I went out and saw everyone playing cricket. I joined them and we all were having much fun. The opposition team made around 80 runs in 50 balls and now it was our turn to bat. But unfortunately, we could only make around 55-60 runs and we lost the match. All the players of opposition team starting teasing us for our loss. As I was already irritated with the course of things since morning, I lost my cool. I went ahead and slapped a person on his face. A big fight was soon to follow. I was scared that if his parents would come and complaint to my mother or father then I would again be scolded. What if I am not allowed to come out of the house for a few days? That would be terrible!

I rushed home, went to the kitchen, took an onion and rubbed it all over my body, especially below my arms. I had heard people saying that rubbing onion or potato makes our body temperature to rise. I did the same, went to my mother and sat down quietly beside her. She thought I was suffering from fever. I told her that I was in pain and we need to go to the doctor immediately. In another 10 minutes we were out for the clinic. I knew even if the boy would come with his parents, they would now find a locked door. The probability of them coming back with the complaint later was almost non-existent. I smiled to myself as the doctor checked me and certified that there was nothing to fear about. For the next 2 days I was in the bed, pampered well and there were no more scolding.


Storyteller : Mankaran Chahal, resident of an old age home in Mumbai
As told to Ritika jain


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