One Hour Friendship

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Raheela Joyo is a premedical student. She is just learning how to be a human, and a lover of earth. She loves to write. And she loves to sing, because singing is the food for her soul.

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It was night time. Mithi was traveling with her sisters and brother in a bus. Mithi had a ajrak in her hand, which one of her friend had gifted her few moments back. Not sure what she was thinking, but her mind was full of thoughts and …….
And suddenly she felt thirsty as a girl seated on her left was drinking water. Mithi requested her to give her some water. That girl stopped for some time and said, ‘This water is perhaps not pure for you; because you are a Muslim and I am Hindu.”
Mithi’s heart filled. Her eyes were full of water.
“How religions are separating people,” she thought.
Mithi assured her that it doesn’t matter what their religions were. “You are Human and I’m too. My religion is humanity and I believe in humanity.”

The girl looked happy to hear this. She was smiling. “You are beautiful,” she gushed. They introduced themselves to each other.

Mithi was enjoying Hiba’s company. She was beautiful from inside and outside too. Mithi asked her, “Are you a Sindhi?” She nodded yes and they both started talking in Sindhi. Mithi felt as if Hiba was her childhood friend, as if she knews her from childhood. They spoke about each and everything under the earth.  They were laughing, smiling and were feeling comfortable with each other.

Hiba said she was going to marry in December; she was just 19 years old. Mithi felt sad. She asked her about her studies. Hiba told her that she was medical student and after completing her inter she had appeared for her entry test at LUMS but couldn’t succeed.

“Why haven’t you tried in any other Medical college?” Mithi asked.

“My father didn’t allow because all other colleges were far away from our house.” Hiba said it was her dream to be a Doctor.

Mithi said nothing but she knew how it feels when dreams couldn’t come true. There were silent for some time. They both were not saying anything but their souls were talking. And then suddenly Hiba said to Mithi, “May be my Bhagwan (God) has written this for me, maybe He has better plans for me.”

Mithi kept thinking, what about our plans?
Our dreams?
Our hopes?
Didn’t God know what Hiba wanted? But she couldn’t find any answer.
Time came when Mithi had to say goodbye to Hiba. Her heart was shaking; eyes were full of water. Who knows what she was thinking at that time but she was thinking something, something which was unthinkable.
It was friendship of one hour, and yet, one can say it was a beautiful friendship.


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