Once again

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just a soul, trying to cling on to memories and keeping together a million pieces of mind.

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I was choked and emptied all inside,
Without the same hand that held me tight,
From drowning, from dying then all alive;
The same hand now, blurred my sight .
I drowned in the sea of blood and tears,
I was ripped apart, I named me nil,
I was so filled with all young fears,
Scared from my mind , to yet, reveal.
I was sinned down apart, alone and low,
But there were none, to hear my screams.
I knew it wasn’t supposed to happen,
But I was broken , so were all my dreams.
But I knew ,well, I could still swim then,
Swim off all bounds, swim off all the rain,
Rains that fell me down, so intense,
They knew it none, they bore no pain.
I stood up and faced the clouds,
I wiped them off and off all the pain,
I took a step and over it, another,
And yes, I was able to breathe again.


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