Oh  Filters!

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Pranshu Pareek is a Computer Science Engineering graduate from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He is an ardent SRK fan, an avid reader and cricket freak. He loves music from the era of Kishore Kumar. An Emotional fool and a passionate debater otherwise, he looks forward to build his career in PR and corporate communications.

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Oh Filters, you are amazing, attractive, catchy and flawless. You made others like me, fall in love with me. I owe you a lot. You made me look beautiful, you made me look clear. From the thousands of you I can choose anyone. I can choose one which can alter my complexion, I can choose one which can hide my scars, I can choose one which can lighten my texture, I can choose one which can remove my marks. I owe you a lot.

But little did I know that nobody wants to see the real me; or that no one will be that happy and elated to see the real me because it’s you who add to my beauty and not my personality, my promise of happiness.

Beauty is simple, beauty is often distorted, misunderstood and shadowed by a wide amount of conflicting pressures, beauty is being alive, beauty is living your dreams, …

But NO! I was wrong, you are beauty…..

But hey!! Can you please convince my scars, my marks? They are not happy with you, and they feel they have embarrassed me in this clear world. They have to understand that you are the modern day’s necessity.

But there’s one thing you are unaware of FILTERS! You are fake. Those who like me with you, barely wants to meet me without you. You are unreal..
Oh Filters! Don’t be so proud, you are nothing but an accepted MYTH.
While every other girl came and went, some falling for looks or some for smile, he was waiting for the one who will love him with his scars.


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