No Way Out

About Bernhard Fuchs

Bernhard Fuchs was born 1966 in Vienna as the son of a Himalayan Geologist. The profession of his father stimulated his interest in India. He studied Cultural Studies at Vienna University and wrote a Ph.D. thesis on South Asian immigrant business in Vienna (1997). He works as Assistant Professor at Vienna University, is married and father of three children. Bernhard Fuchs is co-editor and co-author of Rajinder Dudrah/Elke Mader/Bernhard Fuchs (eds.): SRK and Global Bollywood. New Delhi: Oxford University Press 2015.

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There’s no way out of here, although the stars shine so bright
Caged up in this room in a starry night
I’m supposed to be writing but my mind has got blocked
I imagine a lightning when somebody has knocked

I’ve been reading all day, hard reflecting all night
Doing serious investigations, no, that ain’t procrastination
You think its entertainment? But for me it’s sustainment
To find one moment of delight after endless hours of fright

These deadlines will finally kill me, no, I can’t write so quick
My time has been stolen by a nasty thief
Ain’t no drug dealer, he’s the time stealer
You all know him, he’s not unique

I can always hear his voice, and we all know his face
When you switch off the screen, he’ll remain there to be seen
Admit it you’re a nerd, while he’s the one to be heard
His words sound so clear, make you think he would be near

It might give me great pleasure to find some hidden treasure
But my time has been grasped by this reckless thief
Ain’t no drug dealer, he’s the time stealer
You all love him, his magic kiss on the cheek

My burden is so heavy, still I try to carry on
Oh, this room is so messy, I feel like to run
Everyone celebrates the hero, but for me he’s just a thief
He snatches time and money, yet nobody believes

Deconstructing his stardom with my analytical sword
My lecture carries on, but my audience looks bored
Mixing up my sheets I don’t see what comes next
In this shameful confusion, I’ve forgotten my text

My precious time has been stolen by everyone’s hero
His fame’s a-gonna kill me, turning me into a zero
His awesome creativity contrasts my own negativity
So, you think you can know him? He’s so unique

He’s the pleasure dealer, time stealer
Oh, my life has been stolen by this bold thief
Trying to get to know all about him
I’ve found nothing I would believe


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