No Phone Calls, Please!

Sathya Sri. R

Sathya Sri. R is 16. She is the daughter of truck driver Ramesh Kumar. A and Latha N. D. The family is from Otthakalmandaram village in Coimbatore district of Tamilnadu. She is studying is 12th standard in PMG Matrio Higher Secondary School and aspires to become an engineer in future.

My father is a truck driver. Truck driver is a person whose occupation is not only driving, but also carrying goods from one place to another. He is responsible for his own safety and for the safety of others on the road. A small mistake by a truck driver can lead to a horrible accident. In fact, I have learnt the importance of following some safety measures on road from his experiences.

 It happened one year ago.  My father went to work as usual and was supposed to come back in the evening. But he did not reach home on scheduled time. I and my mom were waiting for him from 7.00 pm. The clock struck 11.00 and yet there was no trace of his return. The unusual delay worried us. We did not know where he was or if something bad happened to him. Only our anxiety was rising.

At 11.30 pm, we received a call from “Sri Ram” hospital that my father had met with an accident and had been admitted there for treatment. It took mom and me lot of effort to reach there at the wee hours of night. His leg was injured. The doctor said he would have to be on bed rest for 1 month. He was fine otherwise.

He told us about the incident later. He had received a phone call while he was driving. He had picked the phone and started talking. He had been trying to park the vehicle on the right side of the road while still conversing on the phone. He had taken right turn without paying attention to the road. Suddenly a bus had approached at an uncontrollable speed and hit his vehicle. The accident could be avoided if he was little more careful. He was trying to park the vehicle aside while talking on phone. He should have parked before answering the call.  A small act of carelessness caused a grave mistake resulting in an accident.

Talking demands our attention. Using phone while driving distracts us. That is reason a driver should avoid the temptation of answering a call sitting behind the steering. Road safety rules prohibit drivers from talking on phone while driving and the rule must be followed for the drivers own safety as well as others. The best practice is to put the phone in flight mode while driving. Turning off the phone may make you miss an important message but will save lives on the road.

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