Nightmarish Loss of Life

Ashini Rajendra Dusane & Bhavana Rajendra Dusane

Ashini Rajendra Dusane is born in June 1995. She the elder daughter of the truck driver Rajendra Jagannth Dusane and his wife Kalpana Rajendra Dusane. The family hails from Dhamane village of Dhule district in Maharastra. Bhavana Rajendra Dusane, born in September 1997 is younger daughter of Rajendra Jagannth Dusane.

A truck driver’s road to destination is full of incidents. Some of those are horrible. Those leave an impression in the driver’s mind for ever. Our father, a truck driver, experienced one like that.

He was on his way to Pune with his good carrier. Drizzling started in the evening and the intensity of the rainfall increased with time. It was pouring by 11 at night. The entire road seemed to have submerged. He was still driving but he could not see anything outside the front shield.  He was somehow managing as his helper continued directing sitting beside him.

Suddenly he saw a large flow of water across the road ahead as if a mighty river had been born sometime back.  He wanted to stop the truck to check if it was a flood rushing from a nearby river. What he saw was horrible. He became the eyewitness of a shocking accident. A bus was coming from opposite side. Our father tried to stop him by catching his attention, switching both the upper and dipper lights on. But the bus driver didn’t understand the signal. He entered the flooded part of the road.  The flow was indomitable. A mishap was about to happen.

The bus started floating on the road as the driver was unable to control it. Fortunately, instead of being washed away, it was drifted towards another side of the flooded road and stuck under some Babul trees lined up there. Anyway water current over that area too was strong enough to wash the passengers away if they tried to get down. They were crying for help sitting inside the bus. Some of them seemed injured. All its passengers and crews were looking forward to find some help and a quick evacuation was needed. Our father and his companion thought of doing something but they didn’t know how to help. After some time a truck arrived which was carrying a long bundle of rope. Father and his companions tried to rescue the people by throwing the rope towards them. They caught it, tied one end with the bus and started coming out of bus. They were crossing the submerged area one by one holding the rope tight with both hands. Unfortunately one person lost his grip from the rope. Floodwater carried him away out of everyone’s reach.  He yelled for help. But how could a human being save him fighting against that dreadful rush of water? His wife cried loudly asking for help from god. Even god turned deaf at that moment. The man was drifted away before everyone’s eyes watching him helplessly.  

Till date, whenever our father narrates the story, we notice fear and anxiety on his face.  We always pray to the God that none should experience that kind of accident.

Natural disasters have the power to devastate human lives. Driving in hilly areas is always dangerous due to steep inclines and narrow curves on the roads. It becomes even more difficult in the areas where flash floods occur frequently. Drivers driving in such areas need to be especially attentive. Danger signals from any other vehicle should be taken seriously. The most valuable lesson a driver should learn is the value of life and ways to protect it, even when a natural disaster happens.

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