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Divya Prakash Dubey aka DP is bestselling author of three books (Musafir Cafe, Masala Chai & Terms and conditions apply). Besides writing he is also popularising his new brand of storytelling, “StoryBaazi”. His letters, popularly called, ‘Sunday wali Chitthi’ are widely read and present so many points and thoughts of everyday importance which we are not able to share otherwise. As the first person to give a TedX talk in Hindi, he is making significant inroads in the otherwise nonexistent popular Hindi writing genre.

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There are always some people in your contact list with whom you hardly talk all through the year, but as the New Year ushers in their messages start filling your inbox. They won’t leave alone a single occasion. The same message passed on year after year. My contact list too was blessed with the number of such a car insurance person. He knew that his services would be required once in a year. His follow-ups started exactly a month before the insurance expired. I had saved his number as “Car Insurance”!

“May god bless you a great, prosperous, blissful, healthy, bright, delightful, energetic and extremely Happy, Happy new year warm regards Aman, Aarti & Aayushi.”

He sent this same message year after year. The most irritating thing about New Year is the flood of messages clustering my virtual space. All the messages look and feel the same, just that the names of the senders differ in the end. Some of the messages carry the names of wife and children along with the name of the sender…of course without seeking permission before doing the same! Sending Whatsapp messages during New Year is an activity as routine as brushing the teeth in the morning or bathing or having breakfast. I always felt that these messages are blatant waste of time. What is so new about a New Year anyway?

With all these debates running parallely in my mind, I took a New Year resolution last year. I would not send any New Year messages, neither would I reply to any of those streams of in-flows. My uncompromising resolution though felt threatened as a message from my boss hit the inbox. How could I not respond to that? Finally I sorted out few selected names from my contact list, with whom I might have some work in the days to come. I send the customary New Year message to these few people. Some of them returned the wishes; others didn’t. We all are opportunists. Earlier we accept that, easier becomes the terms of life. No hangover of guilt pulls us behind.

After this, I went back to my resolution and didn’t respond to any of the messages.

The New Year got old sooner than a new pair of shoes losing their lustre.

One of those days someone hit the car inside the parking space of the mall, causing a dent on its side. I took the car for repair and was told that the insurance had expired a month ago. I was quite out of patience and called up the insurance guy to give him a piece of mind. Some other boy picked up the call. I had forgotten the name of the person I had called. I enquired for the person servicing car insurance. The voice from the other side said, “Yes, you have dialed the right number. I am Aarti, his wife. He had left this world six months ago; these days I look after his pending accounts. You send me your address and I will send someone.”

Before hanging up I didn’t even ask what had happened to Aman. I wasn’t in the frame of mind. To send my address, I opened the contact enlisted as Aman, and his message stared back at me.

“May god bless you a great, prosperous, blissful, healthy, bright, delightful, energetic and extremely Happy, Happy new year warm regards Aman, Aarti & Aayushi.”

I had not replied to this message. I flipped through the contact list to discover so many entries without a name! The “Milk Vendor”, the “Laundry Boy”, the “Grocery Seller”, the “Office Boy”, the “Electrician”, the “Plumber”, the “Carpenter”, the “Maid”, and many such identities crowded my list.

After sending her the address, I modified the contact in my list. I added “Aarti” before Car Insurance!

This New Year, my resolution is to return each and every message diligently. And I would save every number as per the names of the beholders, not just with respect to their relevance in my life. Along with calling quits for a bad habit, I might as well pick up a good habit this New Year? Just a humble thought.


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