Need Of the Hour is Child!

About Leo Augustine

He was named MAJEED IQBAL by his parents through whom he was sent on this planet by The Almighty. He carries this name ever since for family and friends, in Educational Certificates, Legal Documents and other ID related papers etc. His inclination to write poetry has prompted him to gift himself with something that might be equally important and prevalent in his lifetime. Hence, he thought to give himself a pseudonym as Leo Sha’Ma Augustine.
His journey from a boy interested in Literature to a poet is not very long but full of surprises. As a young boy, he was active in sports and games, played with his siblings and friends like any other kid but he was reticent, watchful and a keen observer by nature. He feels comfortable and happy in the company of a few selected (assorted) friends.
Besides his genes (His father (now, no more) is an established and renowned writer in Urdu language) he thinks poetry happened to him as he was engrossed in the lectures given in his high school classes (8th, 9th & 10th) by Mr. Benjamin, who was his English & Social Studies teacher in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton High School, Kisannagar, Nizamabad, Telangana State, India. In the leisure classes, Mr. Benjamin used to tell the students about poets, dramatists, story writers and many men of letters of great repute and narrated their works. These classes not based on the regular syllabus used to keep this young lad captivated much more than those related to the curriculum. This young boy was fortunate enough to have a great collection of literary works of legendary people both in Urdu and English in his father’s library. He used to spend hours and hours together with his head buried into the books and that was his favourite pastime then.
He definitely loves to share many facts, figures and incidents of his life with you all later sometime. So, to make the long story short, there are three things that he owes to what he is today. He says, “They are my father’s genes, my high school English teacher Mr. Benjamin and my father’s collection in his library and above all the GREATEST POWER behind everything; MY DEAR GOD!”
After completing his Masters in English Literature and Bachelor of Education, then being dragged into the profession of teaching; even he tries to give his pupils much more than what is there in the text books.
He says, “I expect and request you all to pray for me and my future efforts that I put not only in poetry but everything I do. Thank you all in advance for doing so.”
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Need of the hour…….

And the best creation of God is Child,

To him the most vicious problems seem mild;

The deepest sorrow for him is shallow,

Its tiny presence around vast environs puts a halo!

Its utmost duty is being fed by a mother’s hand,

Task is playing out all day in the sand!

Snatch the candy and make him cry,

If death swipes someone, his eyes would be dry!

Childhood itself is agender – No girl or boy,

Covers its face exhibiting the loins when coy!

Everything is so gentle, clean and pure,

The wave of hatred among us it may cure!

It laughs heartily in a tough row to hoe,

Makes best friends with an adult’s worst foe!

Where grown-ups are cautious and take much care,

Untainted it moves on, when people matured don’t dare!

It tears off the books whence the wise derived knowledge,

Disgraces them by teaching to make humanity a pledge!

We may slay war by calling full-grown soldiers back,

And by deploying kids, as the skill to kill they lack!

Then, in their warfare no bombs, bullets and bodies found,

There’ll be milk spilled around, cookies spread on the ground!


We’ll find toffees, candies and biscuits scattered everywhere,

Guns, grenades, chopped off limbs and blood nowhere!

The tiny Commanders and Generals will be playing with balls,

While their beautiful Secretaries adoring their dolls!

And there will never be a Ground-zero,

Man could never become one but Child will be a Hero!

Then no mother will wail and no father will be sad,

As their son is alive, away and will grow into a lad!

He will certainly meet them one Great Day,

When animosity won’t lay hands on humanity as prey!

On that very day, all the nations will celebrate,

Freedom from claws that human with humanity separate!

Our planet will be one nation with no bombs blasting,

This independence will be perpetual and joy everlasting!

In this nation there will neither be any low nor high,

Then none can say, “The end of the world is nigh!”

With his wisdom, prudence and insight no adult can

Change the world- Hence Child is father of the Man!*


* ‘Child is father of the man’ is a phrase from William Wordsworth’s poem, ‘My Heart Leaps Up’.


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