My Speech Turns Honey

About Rumani Dey

Rumani is a darling daughter of her father. She treats her younger sister like her daughter. She pampers her more than she does to her kids since the day she fell from the bed due to her mistake. She has a daughter of her’s as well. After an unfortunate event during her adolescence, Rumani has been a patient of a difficult disease. Her marriage failed partly because of this illness and mostly because, she believes, she didn't know that she could not love any man due to her bitterness.
At the moment she is getting treatment for her illness. She began writing blogs. Some people read them and they started appreciating her tasks. This gave her some more confidence and she started doing content writing from home. She also writes about herself. It's seven years now and she writes her heart out whatever is within her understanding.

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And so there was a bridge that joined the two banks of the river. But it was invisible and opened only when someone would sing from heart.

One day a bee was humming and the bridge showed. Bee got confused. What is happening? She flew over there and found diamonds lying scattered. Of what use are diamonds to a bee? She thought to herself, “I am a gem. My song can do anything. I should inform the King about my asset. And then I will be as important as the queen is, in the King’s eyes. My privileges in the jungle will improve. I will be rich and famous.”

She went over to the lion king and told him there is a bridge over the river. It opens by my humming. The King did not believe and ignored the bee. So, the bee went to the flowers and told them the same. Flowers listened patiently but could not reach the bridge at any cost. Heartbroken, the bee stopped humming and continued making honey with the flowers.

While doing that, she realized the flowers can color. She could produce honey. Lion King could not do any of these. Still he is the King! Maybe because he is larger, and mightier. Maybe because he can roar louder. Or maybe because others are scared of him!

But there are some privileges that she had. He didn’t.

She sang once again from the heart. The bridge showed again. And she stopped abruptly. The bridge went out of sight. She sang again, and stopped again, enjoying the interplay of visibility and invisibility. A strange hide and seek. A secret knowledge that belonged to her. And the mysterious pleasure it brought along.

She instantly knew that her melody was like honey; her tone no less than diamonds. She still knows that.

Power lies with one and all, as long as there’s no desperate wait for someone to come and recognise them. When you open yourself to be judged, when you allow others to measure your capacities and rank your potentials, they get to disempower you with non-recognition. Close your eyes, sing that song and let the bridge unfold. Walk over it like a queen!




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  • Dina04/05/2017 at 1:43 PM

    Very beautifully written Rumani. It’s indeed true, waiting for validation from others is lowering one’s own potential. Was a lovely read. Looking forward to your next.

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