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Mehul has published two books on Entrepreneurship. The second book is in second edition. He is a, MMS ( Marketing) and a topper in Pune University in Marketing stream. He has made some short films and corporate films and is a Corporate Behavioral Trainer. He is the founder and CEO of Mehul Darooka Engagement and Entertainment Corporation (

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In my land I thought I was safe,
Out there in the bright sunshine,
I danced to its rays and sung in the rain,
In my land I thought I was safe,
Where nobody questions my existence and all together makes it a well lived, worthy stay
The beautiful sound of my lush green garden, the big tree behind giving me all its shelter
The kids singing the melodious rhymes, I only felt I was in a beautiful wonderland
And so, in my land I thought I was safe
One day came the thundering storm,
My land started growing weaker and broke all norms,
Man divided man from being good and strong
So many vices and few “nices”
Ugly intentions covered with sweet faces,
And in my land, I thought I was safe
I am confident that one day the sunshine will come back,
This land shall again become a wonderland,
Few good souls shall make it merrier,
After all,the evil has its own limitations and many barriers
In my land, I do not think but am sure I will be safe…


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