My Father, My Mentor

Danisha Parveen

Born in April, 2000 to truck driver Abrar Alam and Rabiya Basri, Danisha Parveen hails from Moradabad, UP. She is studying at Habibi Institute of Higher Education, Gurer and wants to be a teacher.

My father  is a truck driver.  He drives  day and night to feed five of us. My parents, my two siblings and I – though not luxuriously, we live happily. My elder sister is in the final year of MBBS in Stanley Medical College, Chennai. In our town, people marry off their daughters at fifteen or sixteen years of age, we are among the few exceptions. My father thinks differently.  He works very hard  to educate  us. My brother is in the second year and I am in the third year of our engineering courses. We  are studying with the help of educational loans and my father’s hard work. My father works dedicatedly.  He doesn’t get proper food and sufficient sleep at the right time.  His sincerity and punctuality towards his work has earned him a good reputation.

My father had met with an accident once. The reason for that was his sleeplessness.  Because of no food and no sleep for  four consecutive days, weakness and fatigue was telling on him.  He dozed off for a jiffy while driving. In those few moments,  the truck ran  to one  side of the road and when it was about to tumble, he jumped off the vehicle through the right-side window. He escaped narrowly though he had  wounds all over the  body and severe injury  in  his leg.

On that occasion, his truck was loaded with oil. . All the oil cans broke. My father came home and took medical help. Next day, all the newspapers of our city  published this news. I told my father that he is our life. If something happens to him, we all will die. It was father’s mistake and he did learn valuable lessons from the incident. After that accident, whenever he feels his eyes heavy, he parks his truck and sleeps adequately.

My father has gained good experience in his fifteen years of truck driving. Trucking is one of the most difficult ways to earn livelihood. He too, comes across a lot of problems. However, he has put in his best as a father. All three of us siblings are moving ahead to a better and fulfilling life holding his finger. As he reaches his destination while driving his truck, however troublesome the path may be, he has guided us to our academic ambitions. Who could have been a better guide and mentor to us? We love our father. We want  to relieve  father from driving and give our mother peace of mind after completion of our education.

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