My Father, My Life

Tabassum Farooqui

Born on the 1st of January 1993 in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, Tabassum Farooqui, is the daughter of truck driver, Mr. Mohammed Yasin and Mrs. Samim Sani. She is studying at the state industrial training institute at Mathura and plans to pursue teaching after the completion of her course.

My father is my hero. As far back as I can remember, he would get up in the morning to go to work and bring us back presents on his way home.  And even though, he is not young anymore and I can see the silver in his hair, he is still the same person, despite the hardships that he has faced.

My siblings and I were on a trip to Fatehpur Sikri with him when he recounted one of the most shocking incidents of his life to us. Coincidentally, just before he started telling us the story, my father had saved an innocent child running on the road by applying the brakes of his truck. Timely action – and thankfully it saved the child!

It so happened, that my father was still driving school buses when he met with an accident that nearly shook him. He was carrying a bus full of school children when all of a sudden the bus careened to one side and banged against a temple wall. My father looked behind and was relieved to see that the children were not affected. They were all safe. With great difficulty, he took out his phone and called the school management to come and fetch the children. Since he was bleeding, he was sent to the district hospital. Till then, no one in the house had any information about this.

Around 5 pm when my father had still not come home, my mother got worried and asked us to inquire with the school management. It was then that we came to know that my father was in the hospital with a deep wound on his head. Several hours later, when my father regained consciousness, he told us how he had seen a truck coming towards them from the opposite direction. There was not much room to maneuver the bus since the road was very narrow. As if that was not enough, four school children were crossing the road, and there was another vehicle right behind him. With merely moments to make a decision, he drove the vehicle down the road and applied brakes crashing the bus into a wall. And though his head hit the steering wheel, the children were saved. When we met him in the hospital, he told us, “I had the responsibility of these children, bestowed upon me by their parents. Had something happened to them, I wouldn’t have been able to face them, ever.”

Blessings and prayers of people saved my father and thankfully, he was back home with us, not without a lesson though, which he only taught us now. “Rigid adherence to road safety laws is vital. That is the only way to save accidents. Also, one should never drive under the influence of alcohol and must always follow speed limit.”

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