My father, my ideal

Anshika Shukla

Born on the 10th of December 2001 in Kanpur, UP, Anshika Shukla, is the daughter of truck driver, Mr. Jagat Naresh Shukla and Mrs. Indu Shukla. She is a student of B.Sc. first year at S. G. M. Degree College, Rasulabad, and plans to be a doctor after the completion of her course.

My father is my ideal. He has all the attributes that a great father possesses – he is loving, doting and my best friend, always warning me about bad things, encouraging me to press on in life and never lose heart. None can be a better guide than him, and I believe he has an invaluable treasure of knowledge with him to share with us.

However, even as I say that, the most important attribute of my father, according to me, is that he is very patient and never loses control over himself even in difficult situations. Once when he was going to Bihar from Kanpur, he had to pass through a jungle all alone. Tough, as the area is notorious for road robberies, and it was 11 o’ clock at night, but he still took the risk because he had to deliver the goods by early morning. Just as expected, my father was passing through that area when some robbers forced him to stop the vehicle. And the moment he stepped out, they got inside the vehicle, caught hold of my father and robbed him of all his belongings, phone, money, etc. Not only this, they intoxicated him and left him there to die, while scooting away with his vehicle. But being in haste, the robbers met with an accident, left the vehicle on the road and fled. The local people informed the police about the abandoned vehicle, who then contacted its owner, and thankfully help reached my father on time. My father remained admitted in the local hospital for a week, after which, he finished his job, got the vehicle repaired and came back home.

This was the first incident of his life wherein he kept patience in a very difficult situation and saved his life. I still remember his words after he returned home to us. “If you have to ever face any difficult situation in your life, maintain your patience, because to cope up with every difficult situation there is a way, but until you find it, you will have to be patient.”

These, and many other lessons I have learnt from my father. Sometimes, when he gets late in the evening due to road blockades or heavy rains, my mother keeps peeping out the door, asking me whether my father has called or not, where he has reached, so on and so forth. She remains worried and uneasy until my father returns home. However, the moment my father steps inside, not only her, but we are all very happy.

Generally, we discuss the events of the day with him before we go to bed. He often narrates interesting incidents to us, such as this story when he was travelling to Baharaich from Lucknow. He had almost reached half way when he saw a bus coming at a very high speed from the other side. His truck would have collided with the bus had he not pressed the back brake due to which the power brake got stuck, affecting the gear box which exploded. The truck stopped due to which an accident was averted. My father reached his destination and returned home after finishing his work.

My aim is to fulfill my father’s dreams .I am proud of my father. For me, he is the best in the world.

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