My Father, My Hero!

G. Akhila

Born to truck driver G. Srinivas and G. Venkata Durga, G. Akhila from Anakapalli in Vishakapatnam is a B. Tech student from VIGNAN Institute of Information Technology. She aims to become an Aeronautical Engineer and a philanthropist.

My father’s name is Srinivas. He bought a truck in 2015. He loads and unloads things from one place to another. My father usually travels in the areas where the agency that hired him operates.

Once, he went to Paderu. There was no network in that place. It was very difficult for me and my family members to stay in touch with him and we were all worried. It was eleven at night when we managed to reach the person who accompanied my father. The people around spoke to us and informed that he had met with an accident. We asked about my father. He was unable to speak but tried to say something, but we couldn’t understand a word. It was 1 in the night. We started crying in utter helplessness.

Sometime later we received a call from my father. He explained the entire situation to us. He was safe, but the other man was injured. This relieved us.  That night we had spent the most horrible and unforgettable moments of our lives. Uncertainty make you think of the worst. He returned home finally, at five in the morning.

Another incident happened when he had gone to Chinthapalli to unload the vegetables. It was the rainy season and he was unable to drive because of heavy downpour. But he had to complete his duty on time; so he went ahead anyway. While returning back, the situation worsened. At one turning, he was unable to control and fell from the truck on the road. The people around took him to the hospital and called us. By god’s grace he had just minor injuries and recovered in two days. But the suddenness of this incident left us devastated. My family did not tell me anything about this initially. When my father came home with injuries all over, I couldn’t stop myself from crying.

From the experiences of my father I’ve learnt how to handle situations. I am proud that my father is a truck driver. He inspires me immensely. I’ve got one of the most precious gifts from god… I call him DADDY.

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