My Father is an Angel

Aundhe Shivani Ganesh

Aundhe Shivani Ganesh, daughter of the truck driver Mr. Ganesh Digambar Aundhe and Mrs. Jyoti Ganesh Aundhe hails from Panwel, Maharashtra. She was born in October 2000. Shivani wants to be a police officer.

Angels exist in all the forms. Sometimes, they can be a truck driver. One such angel happens to be my father. He is the most kindhearted, generous and lovable soul I have ever come across. I have heard that there is no affection as purely angelic as that of a father for a daughter. My father has made me experience this. He is loving, predictable and though not physically but, always available for me. He is somebody I can count on. It is for his mature guidance that I can function confidently in the wider world beyond the secure walls of my home.

I was very young then.  Rainy season had just started and my father was driving from Madras to Shriharikota.  He was driving through the thunderstorm.  The winds blew fiercely. Perhaps, God didn’t want him to go ahead. However, the inimical weather could not have stopped him from discharging his duty. At home, I had a high fever. Mother did everything she could do but to no avail. At last, she called up father and informed him about my illness. He immediately came back and attended upon me. That’s my father and that is why I call him an angel.

In 2001, father left for Gujarat. From there he had to go to Surat. While driving, a vehicle came right in front of his truck. Seemingly feeling sleepy, the other driver   banged into my father’s vehicle. Fortunately, neither my father nor the other truck driver was much hurt. Being a truck driver himself and having the understanding of the limitation of human body, my father pardoned him.

We crave for him when he is away. When he returns, we welcome him with hearty smiles and open arms for we know that our smile and a tight hug would melt all the trouble he had faced on his way. He says we brighten his days but, we don’t tell him that it is the other way round, as it might aggravate the pain with which he leaves home. Our days are indeed brighter when he wakes us up with his eyes lit up with love for us.

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