My Faceless Fantasy -My first week at IIM

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Ajinkya is a Gujju-Marathi as he has lived in both states. He is currently pursuing his MBA at IIM-Indore. He loves to read, travel and have interesting conversations with people - so basically he loves anything that tells a story!!

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The centuries were less than kind to you,

But then virginity’s a tease for both bully

And suitor alike: you could hardly think you’re coy!

The day is Tuesday and I’m sitting in some Micro-economics class trying to understand consumer behavior. But wait, how did I get here?

Oh, I guess the tape skipped a few days. Rewind. While the tape rewinds, you can see everything in reverse.

The date is 7th July and I am standing in a crowd of students, with parents, other people around, happy faces, excited faces, and tired faces with forms in hands. The queue is unending, but the place is no less heavenly.

In case you haven’t figured out yet, then what you’re hearing right now should be a high-bass-low-treble voice-over like the ones they have in the movies. Ellis Redding said a story in ‘Shawshank’, Seth said it in ‘Boiler Room’, Adam Meeks said it in ‘Frailty’ and now Mr. Ajinkya Mahajan is telling you a story in his ‘Faceless Fantasy’.

My first week at IIM-Indore! Oh My God!

The journey began right from the Rau-Pithampur road, in anticipation of the campus that every one of us had dreamt about for last few months now. The campus that would change us irrevocably and shape our future in the years to come. Finally, you see a dome like structure on a hill-top and then, when you enter through the secured gateway, you realize you have reached your Final Destination.

Post registration and other formalities, you are done for the day. But you are too excited to explore the campus. So its midnight, when I grab a cycle and embark upon my trip. The wind in my hair, down the slope, with Bob Marley playing in my headsets—through the beautiful campus – the newly built hostels, the gym and the pool, the prime entrance in construction, some friends giggling at the JAM. I am back to my room. SR09 is a lucky place to be!

The next 2 days you spend in making acquaintances. With the campus, with students who come from diverse background in terms of work-experience, graduation, state, language. But I think one thing is common between all PGP students and that is “Determination to do outstanding stuff in any circumstances”. But of course, there are those things that never change. For example: the Boy-girl ratio in PGP!

The first day : Losing the battle and yet hoping to win, you wake up only to embark on the hunt of finding that perfect attire which balances a classroom and a fashion ramp audience perfectly. Rushing to get an insight into the opinions of think-tanks and some eye-popping decisions in the world, you hope to grab a decent breakfast in the often criticized but mandatorily loved mess.

Then your classes start. You study Microeconomics and Finance, Accounting and what not from faculties – some strict, some liberal, some jocular, who intimidate you with announcements of endless assignments, pre-reads, surprise quizzes and what not. The incessant non-stop mails, new Whatsapp additions, competitions, activities, committee selections, and many other compulsory student development procedures further traumatize the heady euphoria throughout the week.

IIM-Indore feels like the hillock which never sleeps. You feel you had 25 hours in a day out here. You begin to agree with William Wordsworth : ‘There’s no time to stand and stare’. A week in IIM-I imbues new confidence, that if you survived this, you can survive everything the world has in store for you.

One week down! A lot more to come!

The closer he got to the horizon,

the further it shrank from view

as if desire was only an illusion

and truth lay somewhere beyond!

*Inspired by the rain after reading Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali


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