My Confident Father

M. Madhubala

M. Madhubala is the daughter of the truck driver K. Madheswaran and M Jayalakshmi. Born in August 1997, Madhubala belongs to the Namakkal district in Tamil Nadu. She is pursuing M.Sc and aspires to acquire a job in the banking sector in future.

My father is a good driver. He obeys all the traffic rules and drives very safely. However, he has faced many road accidents but he is a brave man and handles all the worse situations with great self-confidence.

Being a truck driver, my father comes across many troubles and he has to tackle several unforeseen issues daily. Often, the roads are blocked either due to heavy traffic, construction work or because of the road accidents. At this time, my father tactfully takes another less occupied way and drives very cautiously to reach his destination.

When it rains heavily, my father moves slowly as it becomes very difficult for him to drive. Sometimes, he prefers taking a halt in a nearby village or city and rests until the rain stops. My father has around 25 years of driving experience. He usually drives in the night time and advises all to drive with a calm mind and not to get distracted while driving.

I have learned many things from my father. He has taught me to be a dedicated student and work hard for a better future. He also taught me to be a sincere person. I want to support my father and shoulder the financial responsibilities of the family in future.

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