My Caring Father


Born in November 1999, Veekshitha hails from Mangalore, Karnataka. Born to truck driver, Kamalaksha Poojary and his wife Jayalaxmi, she is doing B.Sc. Optometry in A.J. Institute of Medical Science. She wants to build a successful career as an Optometrist after completing M.Sc. in same subject.

Being A truck driver’s daughter, tough situations are a part of my life. My father met two major accidents. He was badly injured in both the accidents He was hospitalised for 2 weeks after the first accident and 3 weeks after the second. In fact, the  breaks failed on both the occasions, and he somehow ensured  that none else on the road would be hit by him. On contrary, he got severely injured as other vehicles hit his vehicle a couple of times.

Blocked roads and heavy rainfall are the common natural hazards which trouble him all the time. At times he gets late in delivering  goods to the respective places due to road blockage, heavy rainfall and unusually strong winds. Depending on the circumstances he takes up night trips even if he is not well. He drives all night and returns home exhausted in the morning.

And then there are days when our father doesn’t return on time. Or he doesn’t pick up our phone calls, while he  drives the vehicle. During those times we get worried sick.  We anxiously wait for him standing on the road.

My father has also been ill treated several times by people calling him “lorry driver” or “man of low class”. This  hurts him a lot. He comes back home, hoping his children would be educated enough to not suffer his identity.

Education however does not mean just attaining degrees; it also means earning knowledge. It also makes us responsible, kind,  humble, loyal and above all, a good human being. It opens minds, dissolves barriers. That’s the kind of education my father has planned for me. He has been my teacher, friend, guide and a great person. I learnt sincerity, honesty and intigrity from my father. I learnt working hard from him. He taught me not to give up easily; also taught me to work hard until I succeed.

My ambition is to address the road safety issue more consciously in future by following traffic rules, spreading awareness and helping other people in keeping the roads safe.

Every father is a hero to his daughter. Every daughter needs a father who would teach her the value of life. I am fortunate to have such a caring person as my father.

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