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About Basant Raj

Basant Raj is an aspiring writer working in the advertising industry and searching for peace through writing.

He is an open minded rational sceptic always in search of the next intriguing question, while simultaneously coming to terms with the realisation that it's a ride and not a race!

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Even in belief, to resist
persisting, even in surrender,
was the story of a man,
Who’s swayed by wonder and slowed by hunger
Confined by a mind, still trapped in the grind.

Driven by an insatiable passion,
forged in the furnace of internal revolution
baptized by the fire of criticism
chastised by mechanisms of well-structured cynicism
sculpted into existence,
by his resistance, to adopt society’s shared illusion

In this whirlwind of thoughts and thorns
he found himself at the edge of a storm.
Afloat on the dark clouds of his thoughts,
intended to be gift wrapped and packaged,
on the assembly line of someone else’s dream .
Appreciation showed to him, inform of royalties galore,
to quench the thrust of his core.
Deceit by material excess, would do the trick they swore,
The Trojan of Monetary orgasm unleashed on his soul,
to distract him from his ultimate goal,
But his soul searches for something more
Much more,
A shack at the end of a windy shore,
a glimpse of the endless horizon by his door
with the sun in his eyes, and no idea of what’s in-store,
with uncertainty as his guest and his friend, both now & before,
where change is all he breathes,
routine, a very distant memory
when experiences and love his only currency,
when only the now, is an absolute certainty.
and when all there is, is clarity.

Was the day he seen, today’s greatest tragedy,
a society unwilling to see,
the criminality in engineered social disparity.
A species masturbating en-mass on paper fantasy
sadly all this while, love’s in absolute scarcity.
And the idea of humanity is a fallacy.


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