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Sandeep Bali has the Heart of a soldier and Soul of a poet. He is a veteran, a Commander in the Indian Navy, a Helicopter Pilot and an entrepreneur.

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Pitter Patter drizzling rains

Dowsing away the summer’s pains

Same time year on year

The lovely clouds appear

with thunder and lightning abound

A magical dance of light and sound

Quenching the thirst of dried up earth

Carrying the rains from far across the firth

That’s fodder for the flora’s growth

And food for the humans, fauna both

That apart, the magic up in the sky

Pours its love as it passes by

Over the hills, the fields and the vales

Inspiring the song of the nightangle

Making the sauntering peacock dance

The rhythm and moves of poetic romance

Inspiring epics like Meghadoot and more

The tales of love’s longing galore

And even inspiring the child next door

for floating a paper boat in the puddle outdoor

Oh the joys of dancing in the rain

Washing away life’s sorrows and pains

But in modern times you do bring in some pain

The flooding after the copious rains

No fault of yours but human folly galore

The reckless race, human greed for more

Devastating nature, inviting misery

This mad reckless ,dangerous spree

The so called modernisation and growth

The ‘great human capitalistic dream’ quote unquote

But then you do your job and that too pretty well

Fetching rains to the land through the waves and the swell

And every year you recede with renewed hope

Maybe next time humanity would be out of its myope

Of narrow gains, narrative of hatred and pain

And be in sync with nature’s love , the monsoon, the rain

And as you go you leave a crystal blue sky

Reminding us of the vast ocean of love where you reside


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