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Mansi Gandhi is a student at Harkisan Mehta College in Juhu, Mumbai.

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Mavita walked into the Gandhi residence in 2011. She was somewhere in her 20’s. A short, thin, little girl just around my age then. She was kind and caring towards everyone at home, especially me! Mavita is my house help and also one of the most inspirational individuals I have seen. She is  the one I can easily count on to.

I am usually not someone who chats up a lot. I like my own space of thought and activity. However Mavita was allowed into my space quite effortlessly and I also got very friendly with her. It was a good feeling. She and I shared a few favourite points of interest. She and I had a great understanding. She played the role of a sister, a friend and a guide to help me through my situations.
Mavita had gained everyone’s trust at home too.
Usually house helps are treated like a compulsory additional in the family; they aren’t expected to teach you things or give you life lessons. However we had a different story, a beautiful one. Mavita shared with me her memories and experiences, feelings and hopes and despair. I sit and wonder, when alone, how sometimes our elaborate education can haze our vision and how her life’s simplicity became her education and my learning.
She would often advise me to lead a life of independence and to take full charge of all my decisions.
In 2015 I had to bid goodbye to her for a brief period of time. She had taken the next step in her life and got married. I was a sad to see off a dear friend who stood by me in every small and big way. I was also happy that she was entering a joyful phase of her life!
A few weeks after her marriage she did come back and join. But then again, in a few months she was expecting a baby.
Mavita and I have always kept in touch ever since. She leaves messages when phone calls get difficult. I do miss her presence at home but I am happy that she is mothering and grooming a beautiful child with all the wonderful values she imparted to me.
No matter what strata of society you are in, you are powerful enough to make a huge difference in the world and to anyone around you. I am told that she will return to work soon and will be available around me again, as she is settled in her personal life now.


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