#TellMeYourStory is meant to be a literary movement, which publishes online the short stories and poems written by people across age and geographies, aiming to revive the declining habits of reading and writing. The platform operates under a zero rejection policy. When required, the team ends up mentoring the authors with skills of story-building, storyboarding and creative writing.

To make the platform more inclusive, to bring more storytellers on board, to ensure some beautiful stories are not lost untold or unheard, #TellMeYourStory had been devising means to explore voices across all sections of the society, especially the not-so-privileged class where real stories originate to give us a vision of our future. Dreams of the resourceless point towards the growth of the nation. That’s what attracts #TellMeYourStory towards this project.

Mahindra Trucks & Buses are sensitive about their truck drivers and indulge in many activities to handhold them from darkness to light. Stories written by the daughters of truck drivers will bring out issues faced by their fathers while driving on the roads in the heat of the sun or late in the night, that had touched them consciously and subconsciously. Also, these stories would pass a subtle but strong message against gender discrimination.

#TellMeYourStory believes when you write, you read… and vice versa. By getting such sections of the society to write their stories of hope and disappointments, some gaps can be bridged and some barriers demolished. With this series, #TellMeYourStory envisions to firm up the robust community it has managed to build, which reads each other’s stories and connects over a common cause… be it road safety or gender equality or economic disparity.


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