Mahindra Trucks and Buses nurtures very deep emotions towards their truck drivers. The company has evolved with these front-line forces at every step of their well-being and moments of frustrations. Since these are the people who ultimately hold the steering, Mahindra Trucks and Buses treats them like a family where their babies are married to. Hence the issues faced by them, the hardships they suffer, the battles they fight, become shared and get empathized with very sincerely.

The Road safety issues faced by the truck drivers while driving the vehicles trouble not only them but often they also impact the families in adverse ways. Those are some causes that cannot be battled by one group or one organization alone. It is the battle of a society, a culture, the infrastructure, which will lay a deep-rooted impact on the future. Hence it is important that those stories get shared.


This project will be led by daughters of truck drivers, who are educated and are driving their cause ahead.  thus, this series will throw light on how education helps eradicate social evils. Given that these daughters are educated and ambitious, they have a responsible and informed stand on road safety and safe driving issues. The learning from them would be massively beneficial for everyone who sits behind the steering. These stories written by daughters of progressive truck drivers will help shed quite some mind blocks against those strata of society. These stories might set a new example introducing the truck drivers as messiahs to spread awareness and consciously plan a better future, while on the roads and otherwise.


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