Mistake of Love

About Amaresh Nath

Amaresh Nath is a counselling psychologist by profession. Currently he is on a sabbatical to pursue M. Phil and PhD. Apart from academics and career, he is also a man of various passion which includes writing (both prose and poetry), psychology, food, sketching, photography, philosophy, humor, science-fiction (movies, books, graphic novels), and gadgets.

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Under the banyan tree, lurked a silhouette,
Moaning her heart out;
A poor soul in tattered rags, shunned by the crowd,
Who silenced her every shout

But things changed when she was dragged to the temple,
The big lady holding her by her hair;
The eyes became sharp, so did her mouth,
And flushed became the skin which was fair

She spoke in the tongue that was of the gods,
A miracle it was;
She was no longer the person she used to be,
And this confused the mass

She abused with words so cruel, but yet true,
Her family and village;
For they had ruthlessly interfered with her love,
And her marriage they tried to pillage

Bruised and broken, she turned to the lord,
For a ray of hope;
For her world had become her enemy,
And in the darkness she had to grope

Her only mistake was that she fell in love,
With a man from another caste;
Little did she know that she would be treated in a way,
That would leave any sane person aghast

Nothing they did, seemed to calm her down,
And she continued her verbal rampage;
There also was nothing that they could do,
For she was delivering god’s message


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