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Akshay Peddiwar is pursuing a course in Journalism. He is busy nowadays in creating the space between a journalist and a writer. Oftenly a night crawler and a caffeine lover likes to keep his stories a bit swaggy rather than keeping it simple! Because simple things are not that trendy he feels.

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Sometimes I really think how difficult is it to be innocent even after being introduced to the fact that something wrong is happening. These words constantly remind me of the days which I would really like to forget but still I won’t be able to vanish them from history.

Being in a typical Indian family you are expected to respect your elders and also the cruel neighbours and relatives. But what if the so called well wishers take the benefit of their association with you through a certain relationship? That’s when the whole thing started happening to me.

Being an adorable little girl of the house, I was always pampered and very well taken care of. Getting chocolates and sweets from all the uncles and aunties was not a big deal for a seven year old girl. But it is really rare when somebody offers you a chocolate and asks you to show your private body parts! It was like a game for him where he would signal me with a chocolate and I would start undressing myself as if I am a toy which runs on a goddamn battery.

All my privacy kept on getting stripped down with the melting chocolate in his hand. That day I saw real cruelty in his eyes. Even though it felt a bit like weird to me but still it was something new. Something really strange was happening with me. And it lasted till bloody two longest years of my life.

As I grew older I came across some devastating facts and incidents happening in the society. So I managed to take out time for myself and my mind kept running through the pages of my past. It was difficult to come to terms with the knowledge that I have been sexually assaulted. By no-one but my own uncle who is expected to be treated like the father. That day I felt less sorry for myself but I was really worried about the girl he calls his daughter!

Story by an anonymous storyteller

As told to Akshay Peddiwar


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