#MeToo First Kiss

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It is always said, childhood is the best phase of life. But there are some incidents which may shake you up and kill that child inside you and force you to hide behind a shell when it is your time to fly high, exploring new horizons. Same thing happened to me back then. I was just 8 years old. Like every school-going child, I was also too happy after returning home from school. As usual, I had my lunch and proceeded to complete my homework. And then it was the time to go out and play. The best time any child would wish for.

I used to visit my neighbour’s house daily. Doors of the neighbours were always open for the children to run in and out, amidst shrill laughters. That day I went in smiling but forgot to carve my lips for a long time after I came out!

I used to just love those taco cards which were a trend at that time. And that boy whose house I used to visit had all of them. He asked me if I wanted some! I was on top of my world and nodded with a big ‘yes’. He demanded something of me which I couldn’t exactly fathom at that time and neither can I believe now, that such a thing at all happened. I would be happy to be told, that I was hallucinating. Just that, truth knows that I wasn’t.

He asked me for a kiss! Being an adorable kid, I thought he is demanding a kiss on cheeks. I agreed and asked him for the cards. But before I knew what was happening, he grabbed my neck and kissed on the lips for long 10-15 seconds. I was stunned. It felt dirty and hopeless. Even my tender mind registered that this wasn’t something pure and innocent. Even when he moved back, I didn’t have any exact idea what actually happened few moments back. He gave me those bloody cards and said “come again tomorrow”. And I just ran back to my home.

Although I didn’t cry, that incident was enough for me to think that this world is not so good. An 8-year-old BOY had to live with his first ever kiss since, which he won’t forget ever!


*True story, as told to Akshay Peddiwar under conditions of anonymity.


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