#MeToo Ah Womaniya

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Born and brought up in Mumbai, Kavita Iyer has a closely knit family and friends. Her passion for writing poems started from college days and they used to get published in college magazines. This motivated her to write more during free time. She loves Urdu shayaris and have also attempted to compose a few. Apart from poems and shayaris Kavita is inclined towards writing short stories, motivational essays that bring some positive vibrance to routine life.

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There’s a saying “Charity begins at Home”, and so does the troubles too. A person who has humiliated you or molested you, is most likely to be your own, known devil! Isn’t it?
All of 7 years old, an innocent, lively kid. Niki. Her native cousin used to visit her place often. He was employed in the Merchant Navy and he had to appear for many competitive exams for promotion or increments in his job. His exams used to be held in Mumbai. So he often came over to her place for studies during his exams. He used to be very playful with her. He’d buy toys as per her wish. He was no doubt her favourite bro. Niki had a habit of taking a short nap after coming back from school. Her cousin also slept near her, hugging her. But little did she understand his touch. He used to brush his tool against her and enjoy those moments!!!!

This was her first encounter! And also the first memory of a special part of her body!

Niki was a teenager now, in her 9th standard. She used to attend her coaching classes. Since the past few days she had noticed a man following her for the entire route to and from her classes. Her heart used to thump harder. Not knowing what to do, at times she walked briskly to reach home. One day she just wanted to end this misery. She just barged into an unknown society, so that the mysterious man gets misinterpreted about her actual residence. Sweating in fear, she waited there for almost an hour. By that time the stalker had disappeared. She came out of the society and took a rickshaw back home!

Niki was now married. One day she was travelling in a bus with her spouse. When she was alighting from the bus, she sensed someone pinching her butt. Little could she do or react, as it was difficult to make out the culprit in the crowd!

When is a Niki ever spared? While walking on the road, in a bus, train, during broad daylight, she has to face the lewd remarks and whistles from hooligans.

Even today, we hear a woman being raped in broad daylight and the passers-by remain mere spectators. In fact, they shamelessly shoot the video of the entire incident. Such is the plight!!

When can she walk without fear! When!

“The day our society stop looking at women as a commodity, we can say she’s safe.
Till then, rapes, female infanticide and the humiliation will continue. The mindset of people, the society at large, needs to change.
It is ‘WE’ who can bring this change. A social awakening is the need of the hour for protecting the daughters of our motherland. It’s high time we raise our voice against such molesters.”
Hope the #MeToo campaign sets the stage on fire!!!!

**Name changed for security purposes**


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